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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Celebrating a New Start

I really can't fathom it's has already been 1 year  since I last blogged. Crazy!

I have really missed blogging and you guys so much!
The reasons as to why I haven't blogged till now are many, but let me just sum it up for you:

All-in-all 2013 had generally been a crappy year for me.

I kept wanting to go back to blogging, but as soon as I started planning the different posts and photoshoots, something came up, and I had to realize that no matter how much I wanted it, blogging couldn't realistically be a top-priority for me for some time.

Crazily enough though,
after 2014 began, so many good things have happened.

As of now, my everyday life has finally slowed down and I can *FINALLY* start concentrating on the small things.
(of course as a fashion student, you will ALWAYS be dealing with extremely busy and sometimes stressful events, but it is more than manageable atm),

and the desire to blog also came back a x1000 times more than before.

And now that everything my life lol seems to be back in order again,
 I can finally start anew with blogging.

So to celebrate a new start on the blogging,
I started out changing the whole look for the blog!
What do you think?!
It actually ended up a lot more princess-ish than I had in mind xD  haha

But nevertheless I find it a lot more refreshing to look at than the old one with the smokey pinks and brown colors?

I can't thank you guys enough for staying put and wait for me to come back to 'life'!
I am on to a new mission to improve me and this blog as much as possible, and I want it to be a 'world' for you guys to indulge in beauty, fashion and lifestyle stuff -dedicated to all you guys of course.
 Please look forward to lots of more interesting blog posts from now on!!!

A thousand of kisses and hugs to you all~

Saturday, 12 October 2013

盛れてるLifeStyle: 6tips to a stress-free morning

*Updated with extra photos from the photoshoot*

Due to the way we are living our daily lives has changed, 

we often tend to forget about treasuring our mornings. 

If I asked you about what you do every morning before getting to school or work, 
I bet your answer would be something like;
"I just woke up, went to take a shower, get dressed, 
ate breakfast and then I went to work/school."

I personally have always had a love/hate relationship to mornings. 

It has always been that sour time of the day, when your alarm clock goes off, interrupting a nice dream, and you just wanna lay under your soft and warm duvet for another hour or two before even considering getting up. 

The thought of going to school or work just seems so distant sometimes. щ(ಥДಥщ) 

Mornings can also end up being painfully stressful. Mostly due to lack of planning, you just have way too many things to deal with on such little time before going out.

Sadly, because of our busy schedules on workdays, we forget that there is actually a way to make mornings more stress-free and joyful.(◡‿◡✿)

These tips is all something that I have been doing for some time, and it has worked wonders. 
I feel so up-to-beat as well as refreshed and relaxed when coming to school,
and I generally just have a lot more energy than before.ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) hurh hurh

So I really hope to be able to inspire some of you to try this out or just thinking about how to enjoy your mornings a little bit more, and hopefully it can help you live life more stress-free~(ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫

BONUS PHOTOS from the photoshoot:

So yeah, I really hoped you like this post(づ。◕‿◕。)づ ♥

As you may have noticed 盛れてるLifeStyle will be a new segment on the blog!
It will be about everything regarding lifestyle, from interior design to themes like this post


This post is called 
- 盛れてるLifeStyle - 
Recipe 01:
Morning Routine
and is the first out of three.
The next one will be focusing on day-time and the last will be about the night-time routines.

Please leave a comment below, 

I'd love to know what your morning routine is like and
if you also have any relating tips or tricks for a stress-free day that you use~?

As always, thank you guys so much for taking your time to read , 
it means so much to me~!

A thousand of kisses and hugs to you all


Saturday, 5 October 2013

NewEyemake 4 Autumn + 'Going the Fashion-Way'


Hey you beautiful people~~!!!ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪


I can finally start blogging regularly again~! yay♡

SO MUCH has been happening since summer vacation that I have not had much time to write a decent entry on this blog for you. I am so sorry(。-人-。) ゴメンネ

If you just knew how many draft-posts I have stacked up that 
I never got around to finish and post.. It is ridiculous! ヽ(;A;)ノ
I am also SO BEHIND with answering your lovely comments, 
my Youtube video and circle lens reviews..
 it sucks so much.. ’Д’lll)ハァ゛

*ahem* on another note,

Have you all been well?♡
I can't believe it is already autumn!!!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might already no what it is, 
but something huge has happened in my life!♡♡

 I won't bore you with the details before the end of this post, though. mwahaha

First off, 

I want to show you a new eyemake-look that I've made for Autumn.
It's the simplest look I have made with minimum use of eyeshadow. 

It looks quite natural on photos, without actually being that natural. 
Whatever sense that makes to you. haha

I tried to explain in a tutorial-ish way, what exactly has been done differently compared to other looks..

 I am kind of wondering if I should make this to a video-tutorial?

Anywhoodeloo, I really hope you like it! 

Close Up:

Pictures taken with phone:
(Be warned though, I took the pics with the front camera of my old phone, so the quality sucks)

'Going the Fashion-Way'

Yep, once again a weird titel due to the lack of imagination.. 
Or maybe it is because of too much imagination? 
Either way, it still sounds weird. ww

My passion has always been for fashion & since about 7 years ago, 
I wanted so bad to become a fashion director and designer. 

Amazingly enough, I got offered this amazing opportunity at the end of my summer vacation.

I originally wanted to go to the Royal Design School of Copenhagen, but since it is really hard to get in, I thought I needed to learn more of the basics first.

So after my short summer vacation,
 I decided to go visit the Fashion Design Academy here in Denmark to hear about their small courses. 

But after a long talk, the principal suddenly commented that she thinks I have a huge talent for designing clothes and she would be extremely thrilled if I would want to become fully educated at their school.

I was SO MUCH IN SHOCK when I heard this. 


First I was kinda like..

but inside I was totally going like..

..and then I just wanted to literally jump around like a constipated bunny due to too much excitement.. And this gif illustrates it so well,

After a few, looong, seconds of emotional spasm,
tears tried to push their way through, and I tried so hard to hold it in.

 I have no words of how happy I was. I didn't say yes immediately though, because I had to think it through first and hear my parents opinion about it too.

So after a couple of days I said yes, and as of the 26th of August, I started my journey to become a fashion designer.

I would be lying, if I told you that it isn't hard at all, and totally easy-peasy. It can be extremely stressful. 
Especially if you are as annoyingly big a perfectionist as I am..

I have definitely a new profound respect for the contestants in Project Runway. haha

We have so many important projects at once, that it can sometimes be tough to handle,
but luckily, I think that I am blessed with the greatest principal and teachers in the whole world.

They are SO helpful, and the principal keeps coming over to me saying that she's so proud and amazed of what I make. 
Of course this sometimes puts a lot pressure on me, 
'cause it makes me feel that I have to do more than "just" my best every day...?

Well, all-in-all, 
I feel so grateful, thankful and blessed everyday that I am finally at a place in my life where I feel like I belong...

It is such a weird feeling going to the academy knowing, that what I have day-dreamt of doing for the past 7 years, is actually what I am doing RIGHT NOW.

It is such an huge thing for me, since I have always been wandering around, like a zombie, trying to figure out what the hell I want to do and where I belong.

So it really means a lot for me that I can share this with you all...!( ;    ; ) 

So yeah.. 
That's what I have been up to so far; studying, eating and sleeping.

I really hope you all are doing great~! 
And I can't wait to reply back to your comments

As always, 
thank you so much for readingxoxo

*fingers crossed* 
I hope to be able to blog again this upcoming week!!

Love you guys~

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