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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Okarieのnew eyemake✩tut✩

Hello there! ~♥照*

Today my mom came and visited me♥ *happiiii~*
I haven't seen her for a real long time, and when she heard that I was really sick, she came and checked up on me :)
 ..I absolutely hate to be sick in a big house when alone.
I guess I just have to endure it for now T^T

but anyway, she made my day a tiny bit happier :'3 hehe~

This is todays coordinate~☆ (I felt really sick so I only wore this because I had to go buy dinner, so right after I came home, I puttet my room wear on straight away~ )

Todays Eyemake¨*~:
( ...Alien much xD"" lol )


As some of you guys might have noticed, Okarie has recently changed her eyemake. 

She still does the タレ目(Tare-me/droopy-eyes), but she has changed her Jewerich lashes out, with some of Tsubasa's dolly wink and Eyemazing underlashes (which Komori Jun designed)

I have done a fast translation of Okarie's new eyemake tutorial from her blog, so everyone can understand :D ✩

This is after


and mascara

The upper lashes are the ones, 
which Tsubasa has produced;

Dolly Wink no. 2

Now, use a lashcurler to curl only from the inner part 
till the middle center of the "blackest" part of the lashes

like this:


DollyWink no.4

You'll have to put this on the corner/side of the eyelashes~
(so that it will end up looking like this: )


And when you put it on, it will look like this~

As for the lower-lash part...

Komori Jun produced eyelash;
Eyemazing no.201

Place it in the under your eyelashes, that the corner of your eyes, but put it  just a little bit down so you will get the bigger-droopy-eyes effect :D
Likes this~~~~~♡

*~;The whole look;~*

Okarie mentions that this is her first time using the Dolly wink no.2 lashes,
and that she likes them


As always,
Thank you for reading m(_ _)m ♥

Baibai for now~!☆✩✩


  1. netta cupcakes8 April 2013 at 09:25

    Which lenses are you wearing here?

  2. It is the EOS Max Pure series in Grey. :)


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