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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

☆NEW bag+✩Big Update!✩☆

Hallo everybody ♥♡♥

I have been really busy with catching up on my homework since I've been sick for a week, so I haven't really had the time to update zeh blog D': 泣


Last Saturday I got together  with some of my friends from school to watch the movie "Easy A" at the cinema. But before watching, we decided to eat at Burger King since it was around dinner time :3 It was so much fun~ but I didn't get to take a lot of pictures, though .__.' ⤵⤵
I decided to go casuel vintage-gyaru clothes with straight hair and light Kumikki-ish make up(I used the dollywink no 8, and no upper lashes, 'cause my real lashes are pretty long at with three times coated mascara on, you might not even tell wether it's my real or fake ones xD;; 汗笑 )

This is what how it ended up☆✩

I didn't get to take any full coordination picture.
sorry~~~ m(_ _)m I will do better next time (!!)


My dad and his girlfriend came home from vacation -and they bought home some presents/gifts for me. Since I am saving all of my money to the trip to Japan this summer, I haven't really spent money on something big..   (*3*)っぷ ♥ (... except for the kumikki shoes xD"" )
Anyway, the main reason for buying this gift was because 
it is my birthday tommorow! (*照Pu<#q)はっぴー♥

Anyway - What they got me was a Chloé bag !! *照*
I felt my soul fly to heaven in the moment I saw it xD haha
I have always dreamt of owning a chloé bag since the 2010 June issue of Popteen Mega!
It was from the Popmodels "what's in the bag"-part where Kumikki had it:

and I felt completely in love with it at once. Well, mostly because of the big lock thing and the camel color

Mine is in Dark chocolate brown, though. But I acutally prefer this colour instead of the camel.
This is my bag~ ♥

So beautiful ;__; ♥

The last thing I got from them, was these bracelets -really beautiful if you ask me!
It goes with mostly all of my clothes and I just want to wear them all the time (they're just quite big and heavy though ^^'' )


Yesterday when I came home from school I noticed a big package from Japan laying right in front of my door! Ö (apparently my dad put it there xD )
I noticed immeaditly that it was from my best friends in Japan! (#;u;#)/))
It was a real suprise -I knew that one of them would send me a birthday present, but I didn't knew that they all had decided to buy one together and also making super cute B-day cards  ;A;

I was so happy that a small tears started to fall... )':
But since it is my birthday tomorrow I decided to wait with openening the present itself, and just read the cards. Pure happiness all over.. :')
And inside there was alot of pictures from when we were on a one-day school trip to Kagawa prefecture香川県♡♥♡
They have also made alot of Purikura together and written small messages on them to me ;__; ♥

Here is one of the many puri sheets they made for me☆

Haha this entry ended up pretty heavy, huh! xD;; sorry~! 笑
I will be updating tomorrow too!  
On my birthday! >8D yay!♥ww

I will end this entry with a last picture of me taken from this week~*

Thank you so, so, so much for reading!
See you all tomorrow! ♥


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