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Saturday, 25 June 2011

☆Buying loads of stuff at DONKI & B-protect spray☆

Last week, I went to Donki with my boyfriend, and because I haven't really bought any good cosmetics over the last year (for the sake of getting as much money as possible for this trip), I was extremely excited to see the Donki store again!! I almost exploded when I saw the make up corner xD;;;

This is all the stuff I bought that day (besides cosmetics and a Rilakkuma fan from Donki: LizLisa shirt, LizLisa shorts & I got an shushu free as a present from Chiichan!! + Kumikki's Fashion book

Well, as you can see; I ended up buying lots of Candydoll and DollyWink products (made by Tsubasaat Donki
I have already bought lots more cosmetic stuff by now though XD –I must be Donki-additcted..

One of the things, which I'm really glad that I bought is the Beauty Protector finishing spray

There was only two left at Donki and sold out most places, which just shows how popular it is -and after trying it for a week I can say that it is a absolute

MUST HAVE for girls!
(((***Attention: This is not a review, just quick wrote my thoughts about this product***)))

I once saw Romihi (egg model), using it in a tv-show, where she talked about it. 
It is a spray you use after you have finished putting all of your make up on. It is like water, so after spraying it on your face, you'll have to let it sink into the skin. It makes your make up stay put and look fresh ALL DAY
SO AMAZING. You don't have to take ekstra powder, foundation or concealer with you when going into town and it makes your skin stay moisturized/fresh all day without leaving it with a oily feeling! Aaah I'm completely in love with it.
So if you're going out the whole day and it is hot or the weather is bad for you're make up -then I can strongly recommand this type of product

For those who is interested in this product; I will try to find out where and what online shopping sites you can buy this and post it later in this entry, ok.

Thank You for reading!



  1. cute blog! i want to follow you but i cant see the "following-buttom" ><
    It is not loading...
    but ok, well i really think your blog is interesting!!
    maybe you could write me a comment so i can check your blog later! maybe then its working!

    anyways have a nice day~~

  2. みえーちゃん、thank you so much for your kind words and interest in my blog! (#Pu^#q) <3

    I couldn't see any of my follower either, but I figured out that it was blogger that went down for a while, but you should be able to see the 'follower buttom' now (*^0^*) <3
    (I'm sorry for the late reply;;; )

    Thank you ^0^// <3 **

  3. I bought a beauty protecter spray from Donki a few weeks ago because I read it on your blog and I love it ! ^^/

  4. Tia, thank u! (so sorry about the late reply ;^; ) Yes, it's really amazing right? <3 It should be sold worldwide! ^0^//

  5. By the way, I hope you can continue writing in your blog because I feel like we have similar lives ^^/ I would love to read more :)


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