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Friday, 24 June 2011

☆益若つばさFirst Single Debut☆

Under the name Milky Bunny, the Japanese gyaru topmodel and exclusive director, Masuwaka Tsubasa (益若つばさ), also known as Tsu-chan, is debuting as a singer and is releasing her first single debut 7/20!!!!
The news has been out for quite a while, but it was only until yesterday that Tsubasa came out with a date!
Already this month on the 29th,  and レコチョク  will release her song.

I'm kind of looking forward to hear what she sounds like, and what kind of music she has made(well it is clearly jpop, but extremely curious~)

But somehow, I was kind of disappointed when I first heard about the news (about 4 months ago). I don't really get why most top models ends up trying to debut as a singer and then destroying their images (don't think that will happen to Tsubasa though,but I'm just really afraid that the outcome of the single sounding pretty bad..) & it is getting kind of cliché.

You can read more about it in the new Popsister 8月!

Well, I think I will try to buy it at Tower Records when the time comes -just for the fun of it

Until debut, please enjoy a little taste of her single~

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