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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Taking off to Japan~*

Hey guys!! Long time -no blogging!

Hope you all have been well!
My finals are  ALL DONE!ハッピー
So I can finally focus on blogging and enjoy my stay
in Japan :D yay

During my break from blogging, I got new hair color!! Coloured it with palty's Creamy Caramel~* (I wrote about it some time ago, you can see it here)
Just wanted to show you guys a quick picture of it! I seriously like this color:
If there's requests on it, I can do a review, so please comment :) 

Well I will be taking off to Japan tomorrow, but I will probably not have time to write before that, so this will be my last blog-entry before going to Japan!! :D

I will be doing tutorials & reviews of products and I will also 
post lots of random pictures during my trip, so please stay tuned

Well that's it for now guys!
 See you in Japanまだねー!

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