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Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Hair color + 'The Bunny Incident'

Yessss I got Lavender hair color now!! :D
..Is what I wanted to tell you;;;;;;

Well, I needed to bleach my hair to get that.. So when I had done that, some of my hair fell off.. I totally felt as if I was in a horror movie for some seconds there xD;;;
Anyhow, after my disasterous platinium-blonde episode at the hairdresser almost a year ago, and now this, I can just conclude that I am never going to bleach my hair. ever. orz  so sad

Oh well, I put the lavender color in and VOILÁ! It turned out baby pink instead!1 x'D So I dyed it one more time, and it became a really pretty.. Pastel pink-lavender-ish color :'D;;;;;

(the pink/lavender color on these pictures appears stronger than it really is irl >_<)

 ... Be aware of creepy-looking selca's, ok! T___T

My hair got so bleached, it kinda looks like I'm going bold behind my ears! XD 

. . . All in all, I'm really glad I colored it!!
(Now I just need to get long wavy wallet will be suffering (o;___;o) )

'The Bunny Incident'
Oh yes, the 'bunny incident'. Trust me, the titel sounds much more interesting –and maybe a bit more sad– than it actually is..

Now, you might wanna skip reading this if you're expecting some kind of amazing fairytale/story that will forever change your life XD

So, remember the last post I wrote?  U'know, the part about writing the next friday to tell you all about something 'funny' and 'cute'?
Well, that didn't go exactly as I had planned
Ok~ so I was supposed to buy a freaking cute and snuggly little bunny.

I had waited to get a bunny for months. And the week up to, I was so excited I had trouble sleeping.

Anyway, I had told my neighbor about getting a bunny the day before.. (Now, he knew that I had brought my hamster into my apartment from day 1 moved in here (1 1/2 year ago).. -I live at a college-complex.. thing, so it is pretty hard NOT to know when somebody has a pet.)

then, THEN! ON THE SAME DAY that I was supposed to go pick up the bunny (I was actually only seconds from getting into the car), the landlord comes out and tells me "Hey, how're you doing? Listen, I gotta tell you somethin'... I'm so sorry, but having a bunny in the apartment is not allowed."

. . . Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

*Cries and hides in a corner*

Ok, I know it is just me, being disappointed with the fact that I didn't know we wasn't allowed to hold pets, but still...
I have had an freaking hamster in my apartment for a over a year (he past away this spring T^T he became 3 years though <3 font="font">, and I know that more than one person knew about this. 

So question one: Why in the mother effin' sweet potato pie, didn't my neighbor say anything to me about it, when he obviously knew about?
(... Everytime I see him, I seriously wanna ask him this.. But, obviously enough, he keeps avoiding me after that episode.)

 I actually got so irritated, that every time I tried to write a blogpost about this 'bunny incident', I would just end up glaring evilly at the screen.  haha

But I was looking over my contract (yes, I am that desperate to get a fluffy roomie, ok haha), and I found a loop-hole!!!

So at the moment, I'm trying to get this so-called 'special permission' to get a pet! 

 Please wish me luck..... 

. . . I actually think this is the longest blog-post I've made so far.
Sorry for all the blabbering,  u guys  lol

I actually realized I haven't done many of those rich-texted and personal update, so I thought it might be fun to squeeze some more personal blogposts in for the future, maybe?? 

lol anyhow, I just hope u didn't got too bored reading through all of this lame 'bunny incident' thing xD;;;

But as always, thank you guys so much for reading!!!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Just some random thoughts~



Today at the 'Black Diamond' in Copenhagen(o^u^o)

A new, 'real' update will be up friday with some awesome news!! 
(well, maybe it is just me who thinks it is going to be awesome news........ xD;;;;;;; )

also, also, also~

I hope you will have an awesome Halloween~!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Romantic Autumn | Eyemake tutorial |

Yeah... sorry for the incredibly cheesy name of this tutorialヽ(;▽;)ノ #fail 
I will just choose to believe that it is the autumn crazies kicking in~ XD ..........or else I might be screwed.. xD;;;;;;;;;; #sadface

I have caught an cold and was sooo sick yesterday. Well, I tried to do this tutorial anyway and it turned out... all right, but most of the full head shots, turned out horrible because my eyes were swollen, looked extremely tired and my nose so red D: 
I seriously considered NOT making the tutorial, but luckily I found just ONE picture that was useful, (yes.. just 1... out of 18..... orz IIII ) 
and where I didn't look like a freaking shaky zombie about to pass out.. (=___=' )
.But now I've FINALLY finished making it!!! XD kkk~

So here you go~!


This look would be perfect with smokey pastel colors as well as brown, beige, redwine and terqouise colored clothes. (Basically, most of the colors which are pretty popular this season)♡꒰๑´• .̫ • `๑꒱ 

You can just right-click and save the picture to view it in original size (^u^) 

UPDATE: Found some extremely stupid spelling mistakes, 
so I have uploaded a better one.^^

Thank you so much for reading~!
I hope you found it somewhat useful or inspirational

Monday, 15 October 2012

FOTD | Liz Lisa Inspired |

I will be posting a new tutorial tomorrow and a circle lens review on wednesday, so today's post will just a quick one!~(o^u^o)//

You can click on the picture to get a better look~!

I was inspired by the A/W makeup that LizLisa has given their models~

Also, the eyemake is pretty simple, with only a small amount of eyeshadow and a liquid eyeliner

The main keywords for LizLisa's makeup this year are something like: smokey/matte pastel, beige colors and also light metallic colors.

The Recipe
*Isadora Eyeshadow trio -
'78 Spring Garden', metallic beige color
*A matte dark brown eyeshadow
*Dollywink Liquid eyeliner -
*Diamond Lash - 
‘Romance Eye’ (upperlash)
* Anmiel (produced by kumikki) -
'type300 Natural’ (underlash)
*Candydoll cheek -
'Peach Pink'
*Maxfactor Lip liner -
'02 Pink Petal'
*Isadora 'Jelly Kiss' Lipstick -
'61 Peach Pearl'

*Candydoll Lipgloss - 
'Strawberry Milk'

More Pictures:
(please excuse my never ending derp-face -u-;;)

So that's it for today~! 
Now I'm gonna make some tea, snuggle into a fluffy blanket and watch a movie   
Autumn vacation ftw xD;;; 

Take care y'all 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

New headbanner~!

Hi guys~!
Are you all doing well?
I'm so sorry for being so inactive with the blogging. D:

After my best friend went home to Japan, I've been so~ 
busy and caught up with university, my "nothing-exciting-is-happening-fml-i-wanna-go-travel-now"-period and being sick~ orzIIII #fail

It really saddens me how slow I've been at replying to all of your cute and loving comments lately.. ―(T_T)→ サクッ
Please don't think badly of me, I treasure your comments so much and I'm always so extremely excited when you write something!!! 

I'm finally back! 

and hopefully you will be able to enjoy new posts at least once a week and faster replies to all your comments! 
Up until now, my schedule has been shit, but I have finally figured out what weekdays that are ideal for me to be blogging in~(*≧▽≦)so excited!!!!

Right now I have a one-week vacation from uni, so I really want to take this opportunity to post a lot more. :D 

Also, I made a new headbanner for the blog today! ♡ I couldn't stand looking at the old one, and I thought that since it is now autumn, it REALLY needed to be changed. (I'm always in needed for changes when the autumn comes around >_> I'm weird, ok~ lol)


(Click to enlarge~)
. . . Heavely LizLisa inspired (TuT;;;)

It took me some time to make, but I'm really pleased with it!!! And it is now just the picture of myself that annoys me XD;;;;;;; lol 
But I'm just gonna wait a bit before exchanging it with a new one... 'cause I'm lazy like that~ (-ω- )

What do you think about it?? :D

 I really hope you like it! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ♡hugs


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eyetape Tutorial>The Basic One

Hi guys~!

So I got this question on formspring some days ago, if I wanted to do a eyetape/eyetalk tutorial, and I thought it would be a fun little post to make so here you go~! :D

Before you read the tutorial:

I had some difficulties on how to explain some of it, and using eyetalk &/or eyetape may seem difficult to many, 
especially since there's A LOT of ways to do it, depending on what type of 'effect' you want to make, and also "millions" of different eyetape & eyeglue brands. 

Therefore, I thought it would be best to make a very simple tutorial to start off with, 
as a introduction to those whom are new to the 'world of eyetape', and so 
I might make some new tutorials, showing some different, a little bit more advanced, technics in the future~! 

So please think of this as a BASE Technic TUTORIAL on how to use eyetape!

 Okay, so my BEFORE-eye was cheating on me (it has its own life sometimes, no seriously! Some days my eyelid is more visible than other days, I mean.. wtf?!, O_o)  since my eyelid mostly looks like this:

Step 3
Put some eyeshadow on!
(and some fake lashes, if you're going to wear that too)


 ----Aaaand that's it fo now (o^u^o)/
I hope you found it somewhat useful!

Oh, and also...

Thank you all for staying and putting up with the wait
and also, welcome to all the new readers!!!  

when that's said, 
so~~~ sorry for the lack of updates, u guise~
One of my best friends is visiting me from Japan and she's staying with me (in my tiny pink apartment lol) for a month !(.......but now there's only a week left ), and I've also started studying at Copenhagen Uni, so I've been quite busy lately ~

now I'm gonna get ready for the Kanji-test that I have tomorrow~ so excited

Thank you so much for reading!

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