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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Hi beauties~ !
just wanted to do some random, personal blabbering~. lol

I have been through two tough weeks filled with stress from school, family ect. so I didn't get to write so much..サゲ

My dads girlfriend is going to give birth next week, so I've also been "mentally preparing" to get a little baby sister~I'm really looking forward to it, but it's still weird for me to think about it. 
My mom and dad divorced one month before I went to live in Japan in 2009, and while I was gone, they had both started new lives with their new partners. I am generally really bad at handeling new situations like these so it took me quite some time to get used to it.
I feel as if I am obligated to feel that we're all one family (@my dad's place), but I think that, that feeling just wont come across unless this had happened when I was a little girl. I'm almos 20 yrs. now, so my dad's girlfriend will never be like a 'mom' to me. I really really like her, but somehow my unconsciousness is totally confused that they are referring to us as a 'family', yet it is too late for me to feel the feeling of a family. Lol, it's so hard to explain.
I just hope that this new little girl will bring us closer together

In another matter,
I tried to change my whole layout yesterday, but that didn't turn out as I'd imagined. Somehow the fusion with my new css-codes and html-codes didn't work, so for two days straight  I've tried to figure out where it was wrong
I still haven't figured out the reason, so I've only updated my head-banner, background, some deco-pictures and such some stuff like that. I'm still not quite satisfied, though.ww

That's it for now! Thanks for making it through all of my blabbering XD (ww
Take Care darlings!

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☆DetClear Bright & Peel Jelly☆

DetClear bright & Peel  is a peeling jelly for the skin and is made by the Japanese brand, MEISHOKU.
The Bright & Peel series consists of three different scents; Neutral, Mixed Fruits scent & Mixed Berry scent

It has also been featured in magazines like SCawaii, CUTiE, Popteen, Ranzuki, Egg, ViVi ect.

I have used the DetClear bright & Peel in Mixed Berry Scent for half a year now. And it's simply amazing.

It's jelly-like texture does not melt away as soon as it touches the skin, which is a huge thumb up for me, as many other jelly-like products tend to 'melt' as soon as it comes in contact with the skin.

Meishoku has managed to keep this product very fresh in scent and it really soothins the skin.

My experience

After using it for a month (4 times), there was a clear difference in my skin's condition:
It became noticeably more clear, blackheads almost gone and my once-a-month-breakout disappeared.

Please notice that this is just my experience of this product, and no one's skin is the same, so there is a possibility of getting a different result than me.

 How to use

It is strongly recommended only to use this product once a week.
After having taken off make-up and washed the face;

 Pump 2-3 times on your fingertips

 Gently smudge it on your face (avoid the parts around the eyes)

For some reason, I have to let it stay on for about 5 min. you can see the jelly going more white in color.

 Massage your skin very gently, by 'drawing' circles with two of your fingers.
Always remember to start massaging from the innerpart of your face and then moving away from face -like this:

 After some time massaging, the jelly will begin to clump because of it's own texture and the dead skin, blackheads and stopped pores that has been released from your skin.

 Wash it off with lukewarm water.

 Continue with your normal skincare routine.

Lovely design
Leaves the skin looking fresh and extremely soft
rReally nice berry scent
Helps blackheads to go away and clears stopped pores after app. a month of use.

The jelly does not entirely come off. I always let it stay on for about 5 min. before massaging, so it is easier to come off. (this is just my experience, so I can't say if it is like that with all of them) 

The smell of this product can be pretty strong (but in a good way, though), so if you prefer stuff like this to not smell so much, then I will recommend you to buy the neutral type.

It is definitely worth trying!


Monday, 16 January 2012

☆Kumikki & Suzuki in SEOUL by TvxTv☆


Hey guys!
Just wanted to shear with you a little "documentary" made by ワッチミーTvxTv,  JUICY★SEOUL,where charisma fashion model, Kumikki (Funayama Kumiko 舟山久美子) and the popular blogger, Ainyan (Suzuki Airi 鈴木愛里) are going to Seoul, the great mecca of beauty products and where some of the newest technologies for a better cosmetic products are invented. 

They will try out a lot of different types of:

 Liquid cosmetic products and beauty inventions, some from Seoul's leading beauty-producers.

They will also try out "magical beauty aesthetic treatment".

And a super popular electronic face mask that was sold out almost immediately after it was released in Korea.

(Kumikki is so extremely cute, I'm so jelly )

PART 1.1

LOL, sellers will always be sellers but seriously though!! Wouldn't it be awesome to just walk down the street, having two different sellers "fight" over you and then ask them to give you a gift which leads to getting 100 pieces of sheet masks from each of them? I would die on the spot and go to mask-heaven! xD 

PART 1.2


PART 2.1

PART 2.2

Popteen no.2 /2012 PHOTOSHOOT w. Kumikki, Mizukitty & Pikarin

Thank you as always for reading -and watching 

Friday, 13 January 2012





Yesterday Kumikki came out with an official release date on her new eyelashes & mascara line, 「Anmiel(アンミエル)」@ her blog.

It's supposed to come out 2012/3/14 
(I roughly and fastly translated some of the things that she wrote in her blog)

Theつけまline will consist of:
tare-me/droopy-eyes lovely type

Big eyes cute type

Natural trendy under-lashes

The mascara-line will consist of:
Perfect Cute Eyes with Power up

The point is that the mascara will come off when using warm water.

I am really excited to see what she came up with, either way I'm sure that it will be amazing! 
I really, really love Kumikki because I can relate to her in many ways. Also, I really adore her eye-make and new hair + her style; It's natural, feminine yet still managing to get the bigger eyes effect. And her  retro/vintage/mori-gyaru look is just heavenly.. 


some picture spam from today! 

Lenses:  Mimi Almond Brown
Lashes: Dolly Wink no. 5, no. 2 and diy under-lashes

Making Retardo Poud-face because most 
of my nails fell off when doing the dishes= fail. lol

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