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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

☆Deciding on the future?!☆

Took this picture of my friend getting
her questions answered at one of the stands.

Sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of days~. 
I got some important homework, so I was up until midnight writing typical~

Today, there was a big event for all  high school and HF students (It's like High School, but it's cut down to 2 year and you have to be over 18yrs. old to get in since it's much more serious and hard than High School -the graduation and opportunities you get is the same as it is in HS though. I go to HF myself ).

The event was made to show high schooler's opportunities in life; There was every kind of Universities, Colleges, Special educations -you name it- with there own stands, ready for answering questions, giving advices, handing out fliers.

More random picturesI took during the event:

It all kinda got me thinking; Regarding my future, I have lots of stuff I want to do, seriously!, like; Getting an diploma/ taking a course in Makeup artistry, studying more in Japan, Become an Art Director in the fashion industry and working in Japan ect ect.. So I'm like one big piece of confused candy (endless credits from me if u understood that last part)

I stopped to talk at different stands, one of them was the Danish "University of Design", to ask them about some questions about the possibilities of studying to become an Art Director in Japan. But sadly, they couldn't get me an straight  answer, so I got told that I had to go to the Japanese Ambassador to ask them what to do, which of course makes sense. 

After 3 hours of talking to different universities ect ect, I came to that conclusion that what I want the most right now, is to work and study in Japan.

 So when I'm graduating this summer, I will get a job and earn lots and lots and lots and lots of money. Then, I will take the thing called "Working Holiday" where you have the opportunity to get 1 year work visa/visum and then I will study beside that. Sounds kinda good, right??

if you're lucky and the boss likes you, he can expend the visa to more years 

Just by coming to this point, I think I have taken a really big step ahead. I mean, all the thinking about what to do and when to do it has really made me stressed through a long time. So coming this far means that  I can finally relax a bit.

And now to a whole other topic of today

My best friend from school came over for dinner at my place! 

She loves all the cute stuff and fashion from Japan, but she's like a walking kpop-kdrama-kactress(es)-dictionary; she knows almost everything about everyone in the Korean music and movie industry. It's so sweet~

Anyway, she just came home from visiting her sister who is studying in Hong Kong and the Philippines , so I thought it could be funny to do a little 
welcome-home dinner

I made her some fast さとうラーメン(salted ramen) and a little chick japanese salad that my host-mom used to make for me when I lived in Japan. I'm still missing some things after moving into my own apartment, so please bare with the spoons and cups XD 
I also served her some Calpis (a japanese soft drink) which she thought tasted like soda. lol 

Ahhh~~ It all made me miss Japan so much ;___; 

Any~~~~how! She had also bought me some presents form Hong Kong!!

And when she showed me what it was.. Damn, I almost shed a tear

2x Popteen  -one in chinese (precisely the ones that I haven't bought yet -and it turns out that it was a good thing )
1 clear folder, 1 clear map-thingy
 2x kirakira deko

I love it all so much! 
Thank you darling, you just made my day so much more amazing, love you!!

I will update some of the stuff tomorrow that I didn't get to do yesterday~~!
Thank you for reading!

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