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Monday, 16 January 2012

☆Kumikki & Suzuki in SEOUL by TvxTv☆


Hey guys!
Just wanted to shear with you a little "documentary" made by ワッチミーTvxTv,  JUICY★SEOUL,where charisma fashion model, Kumikki (Funayama Kumiko 舟山久美子) and the popular blogger, Ainyan (Suzuki Airi 鈴木愛里) are going to Seoul, the great mecca of beauty products and where some of the newest technologies for a better cosmetic products are invented. 

They will try out a lot of different types of:

 Liquid cosmetic products and beauty inventions, some from Seoul's leading beauty-producers.

They will also try out "magical beauty aesthetic treatment".

And a super popular electronic face mask that was sold out almost immediately after it was released in Korea.

(Kumikki is so extremely cute, I'm so jelly )

PART 1.1

LOL, sellers will always be sellers but seriously though!! Wouldn't it be awesome to just walk down the street, having two different sellers "fight" over you and then ask them to give you a gift which leads to getting 100 pieces of sheet masks from each of them? I would die on the spot and go to mask-heaven! xD 

PART 1.2


PART 2.1

PART 2.2

Popteen no.2 /2012 PHOTOSHOOT w. Kumikki, Mizukitty & Pikarin

Thank you as always for reading -and watching 

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