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Monday, 9 January 2012

✩☆New Nails+ everyday talk☆✩

Jeez, sometimes I really hate mondays..

Serisously, today I was about to fall asleep under the whole three first lectures of school *slowly dies* all I heard was: "meh meh me-me-me-meeeeeh." 1 hour later: "ME ME MEEEEEEH!"  ..3 hours later: "(in deep sleep).............." -------And that's all for today." 
--- yes, THAT I heard. (wwww

The only thing that saved my life today was my super lovely new nails!! :D aah love them~~~
♡Right hand♡

♡Left hand♡

I wanted to try something new and a little bit winter-ish  
So I decided on silver, black and pink metallic colored nails -----as I normally wear gold, pastels, white, and earth-like colors ( I prefer to call it "the colors of the wood" -it makes it sound so MAGIC ww) 
and of course PINK!
 (can't live without that color u'know! lol) I thought it would be nice for a change~!

I also got two new dresses -but I will get to that in tomorrow's blog entry! I'm totally divastated from today so I'm gonna sleep  nowふぅ〜あん Goodnight guys!


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