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Thursday, 5 January 2012

☆New PINKAGE wig☆

So~~~  As you might've guessed by looking at the picture or reading the headlines;  I recieved my new wig today! It's from a korean wig line called "This Pinkage". The series of my wig is called "Tokyo Holic Sakura Wave"It's color is a mix of baby pink and dark blonde and I'm totally loving it

I was actually afraid that it would be a clear pink color (as you can see on the next picture, it's looking rrrreeeeeaaaallyyyyy pink, but in another picture it's a more settled color) and the fibers really shiny 
----but as a pleasent surprise, it was all that I've wished for! 

I have tried to walk outside with it on, and nobody noticed that it was a wig! 

 I even tried play an innocent prank on my whole family (Somehow they can read me like a book, so I thought that they were the best to be my victims) and I totally succeeded! Under the whole night when we went out to eat at a resturant I had the wig on, and when they asked about my hair, I told them I got it colored. Then, when we came home to my father's place (I live in my own apartment ;D), I went to the restroom and took the wig off. And when I came back, their faces was PRICELESS! Totally like; O______________O . . . w00t?!
Ahh~ It became a legendary day ! kekekeke~ it was awesomewww 

Here is some official pictures of the wig:

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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