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Friday, 24 February 2012

Rojita*LizLisa*JugeETTA* 2012 Spring colle.

The spring 2012 catalogue  for LizLisa(リズリサ) and her fairly new  'bigsister' brand, JugeETTA (ジュジュエッタ)as well as the Rojita(ロジータ) 
is Finally out!

I'm like the biggest sucker for those three brands (especially when it comes to LizLisa.. Actually, half of my closet consists of clothes and acc. from LizLisa xD;;;; ) so I was extremely hyped with excitement when I found out that they had been released!!

General for this season:

The main colors that's popular for this spring's fashion in JP are generally consisting of OFF WHITE and PASTELS colors in many fashion stores.

The three brands:
Rojita is in this colle, very Indian inspired and as usual; the clothes are soooo adorable and feminine! 

JugeEtta is focusing more on the OFF-white colors, though only some of this spring's colle clothes have been released from them. I can't wait 'till they release the rest of their colle.!

LizLisa who has been heavily inspired by floral the last couple of seasons, have now chosen more simple and "clean"-looking patterns! -But one of LizLisa's trademarks IS the floral print, so there are of course some floral pattern-clothes in between! ;D hehe
They're also going for the off-white x pastel looks this spring!
You might also notice something that has come again this year; The 'western' denim shirt and western inspired boots that became a big hit two seasons ago and remained a hitter last year too~!

Please Enjoy!


JugeETTA (ジュジュエッタ)


Thank you for reading~

Friday, 17 February 2012

☆Ulzzang PONY tutorials pt.1☆

Guess what, guys?  Just found all of my Pony-tutorials that I've been collecting through some time XD  haha
 I can never get enough of her (she's so. freaking. damn. cute. It should be illegal wtf ) so I really wanted to share this with you, darlings! 

So, for those who don't know what ulzzang is, you can read a little bit about it HERE

Pony is a very known ulzzang model in Korea. As I remember it, she got nominated as an ulzzang because of her beautiful skin, beautiful v-lined face and her knowledge on beauty. Of course the main reason must've been that she's pretty. (lol
As far as I know, she has made a lot of beauty books and have probably made a lot of other things too.

Anyway, when she had her blog, she made some of the most awesome and very easy-to-follow tutorials! I've learned so much from them, so I hope that others will find them useful too!


Pt.1 (this entry) includes:
1.  Natural skin + make up (Base make up) 
2. "Shading" -Translation included
3. "Dream like" no. 08
4. "Delicate Caramel" no. 13

About the translation on no.2, Shading:

Did a translation since many seems to wanna know her natural looking shading secrets ;D. (and it's a smart way to improve my korean too.. lol)

I'm really no einstein @ reading Korean,  so I could only roughly translate some of the parts, but I have tried my best to explain what it says though, but don't worry! –the illustrations she's made, kinda says it all anyway. :P If you're Korean or can read/write/speak it, please bare with any mistakes made~ xD;;; (

"Natural Skin" 
-Base make up-


What does it say?
1. Most important step to make a small face; Follow face-line from the bottom of the ear to the chin -use a natural shading.

2. C-zone; gently shade around the eyes (as in a 'half-moon').

3. The 3 stars! When sporting a hairstyle that reveals your forehead, put a natural shade from where your hair starts, to make your face appear smaller.

4. Something about highlighting the chin-zone.

5. Highlight the t-zone area to create a higher nose-bridge.


Delicate Caramel

Hope you had fun reading! 

I will go to bed now~ it's almost 2@night  zzZ (ww

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