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Monday, 13 February 2012

☆BIRTHDAY post pt.1☆

Hi guys~!
Just doing a little birthday-update! (o^u^o//) ♥

So, I've been kept busy since my little sister came to the world last week~! Also, my birthday was on Thursday the 9th, so I spent the day with the one side of my family. And then at friday, I went out with some of my friends to celebrate my birthday! And my dad's birthday was yesterday, so I've also been celebrating him too. xD so busy! ♥=3

I spent my day with my father, his girlfriend, her son and their newborn <3. (My mother lives on a different island, so it's not possible for me to go there during schooldays.) so it was just nice and.. calm? haha -Since the baby has just been born and all, we decided that the party of which my whole family is invited, will be held when it's summer <3 Can't wait!
Anyway, I had a really great day!!♥

The presents I've gotten until now are....

 Money to buy a new phone (from my father and co. + my grandmother + My father's girlfriend's parents) -I have already bought it as you can see XD

(( Seriously, I have an Iphone that won't work because it once "flied" into the sea (yeah, that was me forgetting how to close my pocket before doing weird stuff at the sea in the Biology class...), it got repaired, though, but the antenna somehow stopped working some time ago, so I had to change it to my old LG touch which is shit (you can't freaking write on that thing!!) so I had to further downgrade the new mobile technologies, to the oldest Nokia mobile phone eveeerrh... I think you just got my mobilephones' lifestory. haha ))

I felt like cheating on iPhone, which was my one big love, and choose to go with the Samsung Galaxy S II instead, mainly because of it's HD recording & camera qualities as well as many other qualities that it has~. haha
Here in Denmark, it is the "Best Smartphone 2011" -it actually won against iPhone in many tests. O_o (That's just until the Iphone 5 comes out xD )

 Also got a... VERSACE x H&M bag! Q___Q (from my friend <3 )
from my lovely friend from school! I just died in that exact moment that I saw it. She actually remembered how crazy I was about it when we went shopping for Versace when it came out. I became soooo disappointed when I saw the bag, cause I thought that it would be ok big like, medium big or something, but it turned out that it was just a 'mini' bag with the most awesome design ever, so I didn't buy it. BUT NOW I HAVE IT! XD lol
My new little baby <3  hehe

Crazy nailpolish (from my grandmother)
So, together with some money, my grandmother also gave me these extremely green and purple nailpolish from Thailand. 

This OOTD is from yesterday.
The OOTD from friday will be up in the next blogpost!

Sweater: VILA
Dress: earthmusic&ecology
(it's from a store in Youme town//JP//)
Necklace: Anna Sui
Shoes: Yalida

And that's it for now!
pt.2 of my Birthday post will probably be when I'm visiting my mom or when I'm holding the birthday party in the summer.   

Thank you for reading, my darlings

Somehow I accidentally deleted some images from my latest tutorial and a few from some other posts. I will try to put them up again as soon as possible!!!! I'm sorry for the inconvenience~! 


  1. Nice gifts so far! Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II, I have heard lots of positive reviews of it too! Now I'm torn in between choosing iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S II as my next smartphone. (Currently using Blackberry Bold 9700..)

    The H&M Versace bag is GORGEOUS. The gold studs imprinted on the bag finish the overall look and I like how vivid the hot pink color is! With that bag lots of people would turn their heads back to catch a glimpse of the bag and you too of course. Double win hehe. =$

    PS: What ethnicity are you if I may ask? ^^

    1. Thank you! <3 About the phones, I think it depends on what you prefer, like; I can't live without a good quality camera & recorder. Also, I prefer big screens like the samsung s II since it's easier to edit photos (and w. the android market you'll get more asian related photo programs than w. the apple one), but it also makes it feel really nice to look at videos and such. :D So it all depends on what your need is, I guess..~ ^u^ <3
      Yeah, I love the versace bag soooo much *__* thank you! :D <3 <3

      Of course you may :3 I'm caucasian (1/3 spanish, 2/3 danish ). : )


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