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Friday, 3 February 2012

☆OOTD & Galstar☆

IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY!! I have waited for this day to come since monday ;;; #fail lol
Today, my best friend from school came over for dinner at my place~!
it was soo fun~
(* ̄ー ̄*)ニヤリッ  We're already preparing for our finals this summer
-There's incredibly many topics in each subject this last year, so for the sake of getting good grades--- we're starting now!

Anyway, she's coming over again this Sunday so that we can study some more~~! [☆]
So It's gonna be lots of fun!  
ゎぁぃ♪ ヾ(*⌒∇⌒)八(⌒∇⌒*)ツ ゎぁぃ♪

Anyhow, How have you all been? ♥

OH! Now when I remember it, have you seen this month Ranzuki? I was really surprised to read that Aya-chan is graduating..( ; __ ; pq)IIIII She's my fave model from Ran. 
I was seriously like: w(゜o゜*)wマジ~!? 
–As I remember it; in last week's episode of Galten, among a lot of things, she mentioned that she wants to challenge herself and to try out variety-shows also. I really hope she will! It could be funny to see her on more regular tv-programs! I'm sure she'll do well 
p(*^-^*)q ♪ 

Today's OOTD is pretty simple as I tend to dress more casually when I'm in school~. I've lately become totally obsessed with see-through shirts and high-waist pants. It can look casual, yet feminine! luv‘


Necklace: unknown brand
Blouse: OggettoConversion 
Inner: Floral top from New Yorker
Shorts: Gilfy
Belt: Pieces
Shoes: LizLisa

~~*CLOSE UP*~~
Details of the pants & belt
Details of the necklace

My eyemake was more ulzzang-inspired, as I have recently tried to do lots of different ulzzang eyemake. And I think that it is generally really great for school, when you don't have so much time to put on lashes. I'm considering making some tutorials for it when I have finished my other tutorials, which I'm in the middle of making.

 ~~*CLOSE UP*~~

Lenses: Mimi Almond Bambi by GEO

One other thing I have become totally addicted to lately is the fashion brand GALSTAR. Some of you might already know it – it's a more casual brand. What I really like about it is that they have mainly two different styles; お姉系/Oneekei( The 'big-sister'-style; A more 'grown-up'/cool/sexy fashion) but also my all-time favorite styles, 大人可愛い/Otonakawaii-kei( Adultcute-style.meaning: the sensitivity that is cute which an adult have) & ブロガー系/Burogaa-kei (blogger-style)! –So they have both the 'sweet' and the 'sexy' styles~.(ww

The prices of the clothes is very cheap and as far as I know, the material is of good quality.
In my eyes, GALSTAR is like a sister brand to Yumetenbo, as some of their patternes/styles of the clothes resembles each other  a lot. And it's not meant as a bad thing~ ;D !

Galstar is also often cooperating with the fashion magazine, NUTS
Here's some pictures from their site (the link will be in the end of this entry) :

... All the skirts is so freaking adorable!!! Can't resist.. Must.. have! ( ̄へ ̄|||) ウーム

I bought some of my stuff from gmarket -it's an online ebay-ish store (As I remember, the site is actually cooperating with ebay) and it is really easy to navigate around. BUT you have to read japanese to buy from them. If you do not read Japanese, I would recommend to try using -it's one of the best shipping services that you can get.


Click HERE to Tenso shipping Service

I hope you enjoyed the todays post! 

 as always, 
thank you so much for reading!


  1. hi! i was wondering if gmarket (galstar) can ship internationally?

    and how to use tenso shipping?

    1. Hello~ <3 Well, they doesn't ship internationally, unless you use tenso shipping :) at you can register for free by following their super easy step-to-step tutorial by clicking on their 'membership registration free' button. BUT before that, I would recommend you to read their user guide, this should hopefully answer any questions:
      And their shopping guide should also be helpful to you:

      If you still need any help, feel free to contact me anytime! -I will try to answer as fast as possible ^^//

      Anyhow, hope this helped a bit! <3

  2. thank you~!
    i will try when i have time :)


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