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Monday, 13 February 2012

☆Serenity Cupcakes☆

Hellow again, lovelies~! : }

Ok, so as I said in the previous post, I was with my friends out to celebrate my birthday on friday after school! :D 

We went to Serenity Cupcakes in Copenhagen. 
And It is hereby, the cutest little café of cupcakes ever in DK.
And their cupcakes tastes like heaven –It's neither too sweet nor too bland, it's simply just perfect.

So what I got was Bohemian Raspberry.
The taste of yoghurt that's in the toping cream, fits really well with the sweet taste of raspberries and slightly added sugar –it makes it taste so fresh 
The decoration of the cupcake were also totally adorable! There was glitter, hearts and small 'pearls' on it -so cute!
The café itself is pretty small, but also really cute -the interior is old, Paris and New York  vintage inspired and has a rustic yet feminine feel to it. LOVE. IT.

Please do yourself the favor and go visit Serenity Cupcakes if you either live in DK or are on a vacation here!
The link for their webpage is HERE (The whole site is in english, btw ;) )

Also, Here's some of the pictures that I took: (credits goes to my friend for lending me her 
camera xP )

I wish I had taken some more pictures to show you guys~!
Well, that will have to wait until next time

 I only had a little time to take pictures, so my OOTD of that day, kinda sucks :(
I'm going to share it with you no matter what anyway so, here we go! lol


Dress: Yumi
Shoes: Ray

Thank you for reading, lovelies!(^u^pq)


  1. What a cute little cafe, the cupcakes looks delicious as well. *___* I wish my place has a store as cute as Serenity Cupcakes.. then I would probably go there everyday and indulge myself with cute looking cupcakes haha. <3

    1. Haha that's exactly how I feel too! <3 Haha yeah, but when such a café is near you, it can be dangerous —Seriously, I always end up buying from them every time I'm near it, which makes me feel very sad on the behalf of my wallet that will be veeery empty after that XD;; But it's just really delicious!


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