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Thursday, 16 February 2012



 I hope you had the most wonderful day with your most beloved one

((I was going to post this VALENTINE tutorial on  the 14th, put I kept being busy, 
so it got delayed with some days.. sorry for that!  ))
Valentine SWEET BABY eye-make tutorial!
~~This tutorial includes some of Kumikki's  many eyeshadow techniques. 
To know which of the steps it is, it will be marked with an  *   on the 'headline' of the different steps.

Hope you find it interesting!

Dollywink - Mascara, Long
Dollywink - Mascara, Volume
Canmake - "For shiny eyes", 01
Dollywink -"Cream eyeshadow", 02 Crystal 
Dollywink - Pencil eyeliner, brown
Dollywink - Liquid eyeliner, black
Lavshuca   - "Light Mix Ice" BR-1
Love Liner - Liguid eyeliner, pink brown

Use eyeshadow color A
a shimmery, silver eye cream as a base. 
I'm using the Dollywink creamy eyeshadow (crystal), as it gives off a really beautiful glittering effekt, and the make up is sure to stay put through the whole day.

The Eyeshadow*

Put B (a warm colored bronze-ish brown ) on half of your eyelid.

Now, use eyeshadow C on the half of what you've just drawn 
on the part where you normally put on eyeliner.

Take color D1, a shimmery pink colored eyeshadow, 
and start from the top and gently move down.
This will make a more neutral finish, so be careful of not putting too much on the brush, as the color will dominate the "big-eyed" effect that we're trying to make.
(since it's valentine I'm using pink, but using a grey color on this part, will make it super natural. 
–that's what Kumikki has done for a while last year.)

Use color B again and draw 2/3 on the 'under part' of your eye.

Take color D 
(any light color like white or grey will be perfect)
and gently dub with the pencil on the corner of your eyes, only slightly in between the color that's already been drawn. 
This will give a Tare-me (droopy eye) kind of feeling to it, but still keeping it very natural looking.
Use D again on this part of your eyes.

Use a brown pencil eyeliner to define your eyes some more.
I'm using the dollywink pencil eyeliner~*


Now, put some more ''natural looking'' lashes on.
I'm using Eyemazing's AMO x Pastel, Type-A (dark brown)

After applying the lashes, use a black eyeliner on your upper-lid, and a brown eyeliner to the inner part of your eye-lid.

 And now you just need the under-lashes!
Here I'm using Tsubasa's dollywink no.5 underlashes "Baby cute"


Close up:

. . . And just for the fun of it:


yaaah~  looking at the tutorial really makes me want to have a better camera and a ring light :/ hmmn.. Gonna do my best to get this blogger better! ( >u< )
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you have any request on a tutorial, please leave some comments with suggestions

Thank you for reading!


  1. So cutee~! >w- Wow you have naturallt very long eyelashes! ♥

    1. Thank you, sweetie! Hope it was useful! (#^u^#♥ )


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