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Monday, 5 March 2012

☆Etude House Mini Haul + ZAMIAN mask☆

Hi Lovelies!♥

I'm preparing for the upcoming midterm exams that will take place throughout this week, so I'm sorry for not having written anything the past week.. D:

Besides studying like hell (or trying to at least), nothing really have happened. I got my Rilakkuma case and Beast poster (yes, a poster with Beast ---I'm totally like a teenager;;; everytime I see it, I feel like hugging it XD;;; So, I lived my teenage years all over again from the moment that I opened the package.. XD lol)
The reason why I haven't shared some pictures of the stuff is because I wanted to do an "gets & buys"-post, which will be up this weekend! :P

Ok now, to the topic of this post!
Last Tueasday I finally recieved my Etude House mini haul! yaaay! I expected it to arrive some time next week, so it was such a nice surprise to see that it was laying safely at my doorstep :D tehe

I am totally addicted to korean cosmetics like, bb creams, powder, sun screen ect. also skin care products!
I dunno why, but skin care products from korean brands have always had the best result on my skin. And for the cosmetic, well, let us just say that the korean cosmetic production is a genius! lol

haha, sorry for all my ranting!

I bought this stuff from Cosmetic Love, located in Korean.

They provide free shipping, which can be an huuuge plus since(well in my case here in Denmark), 
the chances of getting caught in the customs and paying taxes are slim. harharh. >:D

Their service is really great and they're answering any questions really quick and their prices are totally reasonable, so I recommend buying from them!

 Link to their new official website, HERE 

 Link to their eBay store, HERE 

What I got was:

ETUDE HOUSE Baby Skin Base 
#1 Baby Mint/Green

I have a red x white skin color, and now when it's cold I tend to get really red, so I hope it will 'cool down' the red. XD haha
I have also only heard great reviews of this, so I hope it's as good as it says! :D

Official discription and pictures:

Skin Softening & Moisturizing Powder Gel Makeup Base
Delicate coverage for natural, radiant complexion and tone.
All Day Moisture Rich & Oil Absorbing Base Makeup- Fine, silky powder solution.
Promotes smooth, even complexion- baby skin presentation with reduced pore visibility.

Example off the reduced pore visibility: 

..Looks kinda gross when it's so up close... ;;;;;

Here's my picture:

                   SPF30/PA++ (35ml)

Don't know what BB cream is? –Read about it HERE

Ok, funny story (or actually, not). I first bought the Nymph nail polish packages, but as it turns out, it was out of stock and Cosmetic Love said that Etude House would discontinue making it (but Cosmetic love still has it on their webstore for some reason.. O_o' ), and I didn't want to go through all that pay back stuff, so I asked them if they could change it into this bb cream since it was the one closest to the nail polishs' price.
But it looks promising either way! 

Official discription and picture:

BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes,
corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage.
UVA,UVB Sun Protection
Cucumber & Caviar extracts supply skin moisture
Eucalyptus relieves problem prone skin to curb breakouts
Promotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’

My skintype is the weirdest one on the planet in my opninion serisously! In the summer I'm combinated/oily to normal then, in the winter, I'm normal to extremely dry AND EVEN MORE, my skin is sensitive... I mean, wth!! It's so damn hard to find the right stuff for my skin because it's changing depending on the winter and summer season... 
= If I do not have the right bb cream, my skin tends to break out :(

I really love my current Baviphat Magic Girls BB cream, and it also loves me! (LOL) –As long as I don't use it on my forehead or else it'll go crazyyyyyy.. So all in all, I really hope that this will turn out good! :)

 My picture of the product:

ZAMIAN Gold Cacao Chocolate Pack
Pore Tightening

... what a title >_>''

See picture above.

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Helps produce bright and smoother skin.
    • Extract from beet, not greasy, soften skin and moisture as well.
    • Will no seem into Epidermis, will form into thin skin to maintain water on product.
  • Plants Collagen
    • Human body contains huge amount of collagen.
    • Collagen helps to retain elastic and moisture skin.
    • Kids has brighter skin because of their rishness of collagen.
  • Aloe Vera Extract
    • Powerful moisturizing effect.
    • Helps to stabilize skin.
    • Suitable for all skin type.
  • AHA Acid Composition
    • AHA Acid composition helps to increase skin metabolisme, to maintain skin brightness and natural skin color
  • Cocoa Powder
    • Polyphenois contains various types of fiber and minerals.
    • Famous of tis moisturizing dffects.
  • Pan-Acid Alcohol
    • Protect skin from UV, wind and environmental damage.
    • Effective skin protection, moisture sensitive dry skin.

My picture:

I will review the stuff for you guys when I have tried it a couple of times! :D

I also received lots of free samples from them!

So these free samples will also be in my future reviews! :D

Wooow~~ 36 followers so fast! 
Thank you so, so, so much guys
All of your comments are also so loved and 
makes me really, really happy!!

It finally feels like I'm not just 'talking' to myself anymore! xD hehe 
so thank you all for wanting to keep me company 


  1. Ooh you bought stuff from them ! :D They are good sellers right :D Actually they were pretty busy lately, items were out of stock so some orders were delayed and stuff~ Great haul anyway :D

    1. Aah I see~~! Well, they have to manage two shops at once so I guess it can be a bit hard for them on busy days~ luckily they're really fast with responding and very sweet so I didn't mind it at all :D
      YES they are! *_* <3 I definitely plan to buy from them more often and use them as my 'korean cosmetic supplier' (If you can call it that xD;;; ) 'cause their prices and service are so great~ :D Thank you so much, Poppy! (o^u^o)//<3

  2. I also just recently bought some products from them! I love how they give you little free samples! So cute! ♥

  3. Fedt! Jeg elsker etude house ^^
    Hvor meget endte du med at give for tingene?

    1. Det er også et rigtig dejligt mærke som man har råd til! ^^ <3
      Det var lidt under 300kr jeg skulle af med, så det var slet ikke så galt! :)


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