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Monday, 12 March 2012

☆Okarie オススメhairstyles☆

Hellooo lovelies~! <3

Sorry for my ''short'' absence from the blogging! I've been so~ fed up with school, some financial problems, rearrangement of furnitures in my apartment and stress..
I'm still not 100% clear in my mind yet, so that's why this post will be 'kinda' short (汗;;;;;
I hope to get better throughout this week, if so, there'll be some tutorials and OOTDs for you~! (w)

I was supposed to get a totally different hairstyle and a new hair color last week, but my hairdresser had to cancel it all because she got sick.. That only made my week so much worse, 'cause that was the one thing that I had been looking forward to.. BUT I got a new appointment, though! So now I just have to wait till the 29th 

And for the curious, I can tell you this much; It's gonna be so different from what I've ever tried! So look forward to it 

Aaaaand--- to the main topic!
Just stumbled upon some old pictures I've had for quite som time now, of Okarie's オススメhairstyles (for short hair) from her blog, and since it have given me some really good inspirations to hairstyles (even though I have long hair) so I thought it could be a fun thing to share with you!

Hope you find it somehow inspirational! 

*NOTE: For her curls she's using 26mm. apart from the first hairstyle which is a 19mm. which she's using 

Will just write one more quick post about a mini-drama about Okarie's story from when she moved to Tokyo and how she became an famous blogger and designing director!

Hope you liked the post~*

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