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Monday, 12 March 2012

♡おかりえの人生ドラマ♡//Okarie's life drama

**UPDATE: I will translate it, if people are interested, if so, I will start when I've fully recovered~~ *

BeeTV has made a drama series that are showing different known girls' story, and one of the mini-drama's is about Okarie's background story (she's quite popular because of her successful brand, Ank Rouge, where she's the design director.)


Background story/Interview of Okarie's mini-drama
& who will be the actors

Anyhoo, the first episode is out now~/*
Please enjoy!

おかりえが夢を叶えるまで~ 第2話

My note:
Okarie's story is  seriously sooo cute! XD -Well, it isn't 100% correct as they have taken some of the important parts of her life, so it's still a fiction (it says so in the last part of the video), but still!
I can't wait for the second episode!! 

Also, 松井玲奈(SKE48) has, in my opinion, really managed to capture the personality of Okarie, which was a totally nice surprise as I was kind of nervous of what the outcome could've been~*

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