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Monday, 23 April 2012

Let's get to know each other!

***UPDATED : look at the buttom***

Hi beauties!

This is just going to be a short, fast written post with no pictures
(I will be really thankful if you will read it anyway) since I'm busy preparing for my finals,
which will take place from next week 

and continues throughout the month (o´>_<` opq) .. I haven't even had the time to answer all of your cute comments yet :( I will try to do that as fast as possible, so stay tuned!!

So as you might have guessed, I will not have time to do some serious blogging until the exams are over :( #Totally sucks!!
I will try to make some posts during the reading period, but I cannot promise anything from sure, though :/

Ahh.. I can't wait for it to be over already.. and it has not even started yet ^^;;;
It's probably the thought about the summer vacation being just around the corner and then have all the time in the world to do lots of blogging, which are making me have no patience at all!! XD haha

Anyway, I hope you will all have patience until my exams are over, and also.. I'm really thankful to all of you, that you find my blog interesting -it really keeps me wanting to do be more ambitious about my blogging and also makes me feel very blessed and grateful~. 
So Thank You all so much! And I hope you will continue to like my blog! :))

And that is also why...
Since I don't have time for serious blogging throughout the next month, I do have time for a little bit of random 'talking', so about a week ago, I made a FORMSPRING account!
I really love getting to know my readers better and I also hope that with formspring, you will get to know me better too. :)

On Formspring you can ask me anything from silly, curious questions, requests on posts, tutorial or reviews to any constructive critique/ideas of what you think will make my blog better!

I'm very open to anything, so don't be afraid to write/ask! 
My formspring profileHERE *

Just wanted to let you guys now, that I've also gotten Instagram now! 
It's an easier way for me to get to do some small picture-updates, when I'm not able to blog! :D So you can either follow me on Instagram (@ littlemisscawaii) for the updates or my twitter (@sayamin_coco) (<- I've connected Instagram to update on there automatically.)

. . .  Aaand the short post accidentally ended with being a looooooong post filled with horrible gramma and Text Only instead XD haha sorry for the torture, guys!! #ww I hope you didn't find it too boring, though XD;;

Anyway, I will see you soon, and to those of you who also have to do exams soon -Good luck to you all! I'm positive that it will turn out great!! :D

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NEW HAIR + Yesterdays OOTD

So I finally got my hair done last week~! T__T yaay <3

I was so so so so soooo nervous since I have NEVER had it this short before, but I LOVE it and I'm so glad that I did it~. I was in such a big need for a change..

The color didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped for though, (My hairdresser told me that the destaining or de-coloration, which they use in hair dyes in Asia  is generally much more stronger than what is allowed here in DK, so she couldn't say for sure wether the color would turn out exactly like the picture.. ) but with the help of some japanese hair dye, I think it will end up pretty good! (I'm gonna wait to do that next month so I'm not killing my hair completely ^^;;; )

I haven't taken some good pictures with my new hair yet, but I think you can more or less get an idea of how it looks like when looking at the OOTD I took yesterday :)

So I basically went from this...

(Long, dark brown hair)

to this...

These pictures was taken in a hurry, 
so I promis to make some better ones next time~(o^^'o)

Pictures I used for the look is these:
Kumikki's newest hair cut + Mizukitty's hair color
(both are POPTEEN models)

I managed to also take som pictures of the new shoes that I wore yesterday! 

They're from H&M and I got them for around $40 and they're really comfortable to walk in :)
I just wished they made them in a mushroom (creamy grey) color too : /
// It comes with normal shoelaces, I just thought it would be cute to change them out with some other shoelaces that I got from my Kumikki shoes.//

I also took some (two decent) pictures when I went to 'celebrate' easter with my family yesterday! xD
We had big lunch at my uncle's place, then we all went bowling! 
So today I'm sore to the bones.. And that makes me worried 'cause it just shows how much out of shape I am.. *pats back* .. I really should exercise some more.. haha XD;;; 

Why, bowling places, why?! Just why can't bowling shoes look fashionable? It's just as if its a rule that they should be butt-ugly and uncomfortable. Seriously, they should make them in all kinds of colors and designs to make them more interesting than this. (ww

Thank you all so much for reading! 

And also...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sponsored Review: EOS Ice Pink

**UPDATED with more pictures!**

Hi lovelies~!
I'm sorry for not writing in a long time; I just returned home from my mom's house where I've stayed during my spring break. I was going to upload some posts, but unfortunately the internet was too slow and I had to give up and wait 'till I got home.

Anyhow, on to the topic!

NOTE: I'm NOT getting paid to do this review. This is 100% my own opinion. 

I received my new lenses from MapleLens (
after only 4 days of waiting.
 (I was at my mom's place when I recieved them, but the office downstairs of my apartment whom received them on my behalf, said it only took 4 days for them to come.)

MapleLens is a online store located in Malaysia who's specializing in Korean circle lenses (color contact lenses). Their selections of circle lenses are growing by every day/week and I really like how dimensioned and ambitious they are:

"We strive to be one of the top and best online shop that offer circle lens out there, customer satisfaction is our top priority."
(Read it all  HERE

They're really nice and very understandable people, and I was totally taken back on how quickly they will answer your questions.This made me feel so comfortable in writing to them, which means a lot to me. –Their service is really exceptional.

So when you buy from them, you're guaranteed that they will do everything they can to help you and get a good experience out of it 
–that's at least my experience. 

I recommend all of you to at least try to order from them once -Because I'm sure you'll be fully satisfied with their service and the product!  They will make you want to order from them again! 

The Package:

Thank You-card (It's so cute >u<)
The circle lenses packed in a cute little box & an animal contact linse case

Mystery Gift: TheFaceShop Eyelashes (A popular Korean cosmetic line)

Everything was securely wrapped in bubble plast so nothing would break during the trip~! ... I was too eager to open it all so didn't get to take a picture of it, though xD;;;


EOS Ice Pink Review
The lenses I chose was EOS' Ice Pink. The reason why is that I have always wanted to have some pink lenses which design is more or less natural looking. I fell completely in love with the Ice series, and I couldn't find that many review of it, so I decided to go with this.

You can get the EOS Ice Series in pink, blue, green & brown.

Link to the lense: (*HERE*)

Right now, my computer is screwing with me, so I will be uploading more pictures in the evening/tomorrow!!

Design, Color & Effects
The color is a  really strong and cold type of pink.
Compared to the max pure pink lens, which has a really subtle look to the pink color, this lens is much more strong colored and doesn't give off this 'extremely natural' feel as the max pure pink.
So if you're looking for a more natural looking pink colored lens, I would recommend you to try out the Max pure pink series instead.

The black limbal ring is very thin, and naturally disappears into the pink. This kind of limbal ring is what I prefer the most, since the color is not too opaque neither too dark and 'dominating', it will make a very cute dolly effect on a more natural level.

I really like how these lenses blends into my eyes; the pink are less noticeable on my eyes but with the halo effect that it makes it really lights up the whole eye. (wara
It definitely gives out a more 'teary' look.


The enlargement is huge. (lens is supposed to be 14.8mm), I almost mistook it as a 15.00mm when I got it on. (When I had them in my hands for the first time, I though it was a 14.5mm, though. –Really weird (^^;;;) haha). 

I personally LOVE big lenses, but they do have a tendency to dry your eyes out faster since they're covering much more of your eyes than a 14.2-14.5mm lens. It haven't happened to me with these lenses, yet.


These babies, are so comfortable!!! I could wear them 5 hours straight with no need of eyedrops at all. I experienced no sand-paper like feelings/ no itchiness and my eyes didn't feel as tired as I've tried with some of my Geo lenses, afterwards. YAY~!
The only other lenses I've experienced this with was my EOS max pure brown lenses. Maybe EOS lenses are generally really comfortable? 

I think I still need some time to fall completely in love with the strong pink color before I wear it in more open public spaces, but I absolutely adore the overall design and the amazing comfort!

Coupon code for MapleLens:

You will get 15% off and a 

FREE GIFT with every order you make.

All you have to do is to write 
in the coupon code-felt when you are checking out.

*You can use the coupon code for whenever you're ordering:
 there is no time limit or order limit.

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