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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Instagram Photos,OOTD and what not~

Hi Lovelies!

Allright, allright, I'm supposed to do lots of preparations for my English, Danish and KS (Culture & Social-Science) exams instead of blogging, BUT.. My head is literally about to burst. Hey, it's a good excuse! ...
I've been so inspired, excited and got all kinds of ideas for my blogposts, layout etc., and not having the time to make them is making me go nuts!
 Even though I study my ass off, my thoughts sneakily turns over to thinking about the blog and future blog posts, which ends up taking up my "whole space of thoughts" (yes.. I apparently got such a thing xD;;; ) and are thereby fully abstracting me from studying. Wth 

One of the ideas I've come up with, is a new "corner" for my blog.
(It's like a series of posts that has the same theme, but focuses on, for example, different things  -I will explain further what exactly it is after my exams are done ;D ). I'm so eager to do it! Can't wait to start!

I have also updated my banner-picture, and making some small adjustments to my layout.

I'm still FAR from being finished and pleased with the overall look of it, but I guess it's tolerable for now. What do you guys think? Should it be more simple?

First off, 
the OOTD from Saturday:
Jacket: Axes Femme #2009 S/S colle.
Dress: H&M
Pants: H&M #Love Me Love You edition
Shoes: Sorridere #from Shimamura
Bag: Shimamura
Necklace: Unknown
Sunglasses: Unknown
Wig: Pinkage #Barbieholic series
 (will review it soon)

Oh, and I also officially got the Instagram-crazies too. #Lol

So I want to show you guys what I've been up to the last month through some of the Instagram-photos that I've taken
-All of the pictures are in random order :D

Me and my friend went by Serenity Cupcakes and got us two cupcakes each~!
It seriously tasted HEAVENLY.

Dunno why, but I keep listening to 
Tsubasa and Super Junior when I study seriously..^^'

At my school! 

At my school -again ^^'

My new Kumikki Beauty Book that I got just yesterday! #Freakishly Happy

Also got some new lenses from!
These, Eos in Ice grey and the GEO Grang Grang Brown
Can't wait to review them!!!

And this really bad and blurred photo is my Hamster, Latte, whom sadly had to be put sleep a week ago.. :'(
May you rest in Peace my old man

Some random stuff I bought @ daiso a year ago, that turned out to be really useful when I, together with my friend, went to her summerhouse to study for the exams in peace. (

My new Barbieholic wig from the korean Pinkage brand! weeee

Pictures that tried to take for my new blog-banner~
All of the photos of my derpy face that you see under this picture, are also the ones I took for my blog-banner.

With no false lashes in this shot #sadface lol

A small collection of some of the pictures that I took last Saturday, 
when I went to TIVOLI and met up with my family.

My father's girlfriend's cat~

My new phonecase from a Korean store called Happymori.

My fave party-pumps-babies of all times~

A new dress that I got from china~

...And now it's time for (more) studying~

Thank you all so much for reading~!
I will see you soon with hopefully some really interesting posts



  1. You are soo so gorgeous! (*__*)

  2. Hello!
    I love your blog i just found it!!!

    I made a blog a month ago too!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!


  3. aweee you are super kawaii! you should be in japanese magz already <333

  4. You're so pretty and cute too, I love your hair and eye makeup. Looking at those cupcakes are making me want to run to the bakery and get some myself. (*--*)

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  6. i love your OOTD, I wish i had that jacket, it's beautiful *-*
    Love * Monstros no Armário

  7. Hi! I gave you Liebster award! Check it out here

  8. Hi!

    I nominated you for the liebster blog awards because your blog is really nice! Please check out my post at;

  9. I think it's fine to take a little break from studies if it releases some pent up steam and ESPECIALLY if it brings out such lovely posts as these.

    You're quite pretty by the way and I'm totally loving your style :P Apparently we're both fans of Milky Bunny and Eki from Ekiblog haha.

    I've followed you btw if you don't mind. Care to follow back?


  10. Thank you so~ so much for the words and for following me! you totally made my day! :D <3 <3

    Of course I care to follow u back -it's an really interesting blog you have! ^^ <3

  11. Thank you so much Jenny, I'm really honored and happy <3 I will get to it as soon as I can <3 Thank you again sweetie!!

  12. Thank you  ^u^// <3 If you want to, I can try find a link for it when I have some time? :)

  13. Wah~~ thank you so much Aimee, that makes me really happy! (^u^///pq) Ikr, it's like you get addicted just by looking at cupcakes. haha

  14. Omg that is so sweet of you, Thank you sweetie  ;_____; <3 It's a huge encouragement to me..!

    I'm totally addicted to your blog btw. I especially enjoy reading all of your reviews and you're so extremely adorable & pretty!!! #jelly

  15. Thank you Annia. :D It's a great blog you've made! ^u^

  16. Thank you so much darling! T T <3 <3 You're really pretty too!

  17. Du ligner enormt meget Miyake Wong! (kendt malaysisk gyaru-mode-blogger)


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