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Thursday, 26 July 2012

ChocotLink☆NEW OnlineギャルTV

Chocot Link is a fairly new streaming series by TV Oricon.Jp, sponsored by Pocky.
It consists of mainly 7 members and an MC, which is Yui Kanno (), who's all gyaru, reader models (ドクモ/読者モデル) from either Nuts, Zipper, JJ, Scawaii, Ranzuki etc:

In every episode there is a ''Chocot Selection'', where one model will tell you about her recent favorite item. Next up, there will a question by a reader which they will answer. (''Chocot Channel'')
fx. The models' own favorite 'Eyemake' - tips & tricks for the Summer or Hair arrange etc. 

Followed by a ''pocky news report '' in the end of each episode, Yui will, together with some of the other girls, 
represent some of the either new or special pocky editions out in the stores.
(Every time you watch this, you will be sure to end up having huuuuge cravings for pocky.. like, seriously..It's inevitable   T___T) 

Also, every episode takes about 6~10minutes.

Anyway, if you don't understand Japanese, don't fear --->What goes for their tips & tricks, it is shown pretty clearly what they're doing. But if there's some parts which you would like to understand fully, please feel free to write anytime.

Please watch whole thing here: TVOricon-Chocotlink 

I hope you will enjoy the show~!

I've been through a lot these past couple of weeks, but the first 'The Edition' post has now been officially scheduled to be posted this upcoming monday! Finally.. I'm so sorry for the wait, you guys!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've seen Pocky before, but I've never tried any, but maybe I will after seeing the show!

  2. You're welcome~!!(o^u^o)♡ Seriously?! You totally have to try it out! Its got such an addicting taste~ ☻⋈ 

  3. Looks super cute ! Love pocky and cute gyaru style ! >w<
    Hehe, yay, The Edition ! Hehe, still anticipating it ! ^^

  4. Haha exactly! :D Thank you so much, Josephine! I tried my best to make it enjoyable(o^u^o)//


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