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Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Edition: An Introduction

So, as you all might know by now hahaI decided to make a new 'corner' for my blog called

I was looking for something totally new, fresh, different and exciting -something you would all, hopefully, look forward to on my blog. This is when I came up with the idea of making 'The Edition'.

My general idea about the The Edition
is that it can be focusing on everything from Skincare to fashion etc. but to start with, I will be taking one topic at a time.

The Edition will consist of a certain 'topic' that includes either, reviews, tutorials or miniguides based on, for example, different products, which have worked for me and is useful and good, not necessarily from the same brand, but in the same category

For example:
" SKINCAREThe Pore Edition. "
= the "Skincare" part is the overall 'topic'/ or 'focus', if you can call it that, and the underlined part is the category of the products. Like, it will include a series of products from different brands, that I prefer the most, which helps minimizing pores etc.

(Omg, I seriously hope my explanation makes sense to you all (´>_<`;;;;;;; )

Please check out the menubar up left, there will be a button saying "The Edition",
There you can check out for any updates on release dates of the posts, any future editions to come and those already out, will also be written there with links.

And now, dadadaDAAAH~ to the revealing of the first focus on The Edition....

The first 4 posts of The Edition will be about ...
as you've might have guessed from the example lol


Publish date: July -COMING SOON-

Publish date: Autumn

Publish date: Winter

Publish date: Christmas

And as of the last post of The Edition in every section, I will hold a giveaway based on some of the products which I have either reviewed or used as the main items in tutorials

I really, really hope that all of you will like this idea of mine and that it will become something for you to look forward to reading!!

 I would be so happy to hear you guys' thoughts about it! 

Now I'm going to edit some of the pics for The Pore Edition, so that hopefully, you can enjoy the first post of The Edition ever, very very soon!

So stay tuned & as all ways, 
thank you all so much for reading ~!


  1. It sounds so exciting! Hehe, I'll be sure to read in the future! >w<
    Haha, thank you for making this part of your blog - it is new and so sweet that you thought of your readers! ^3^
    Hehe, good luck and I hope you have fun with it! ^^

  2. This looks exciting! Looking forward to all the new posts! :)

    Keep it up and don't forget to keep having fun with it! :)


  3. This sounds great! Btw I love your blog; it's so cute!!

  4. hello~!! ^^ i just want to say that you're super pretty, and you have such a gorgeous face!!! your blog really cute designed, and love the stuff you blog about. hehehe

    i'm following your blog from now~! =D

  5. Omg thank you so, so much sweetie!!♡ Though it's been two weeks, I still hope that you will look forward to it! :D It's finally getting published this monday, so please check it out then! :D♡♡

  6. I will!! Thanks :D♡ It's (finally) getting published this monday and I hope that you will have a fun time reading it! ♡ :DD

  7. Thank you so much!!♡ Please wait for it to e up a little bit more~ ♡♡

  8. Oh my, thank you so much!!♥(ノu`。)・゜ It's kind of an honor for me 'cause I've been a big fan and follower of your blog since way back (・ω・`) ♥ eheh
    Anywho~ Thanks for following!!♡♡  


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