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Sunday, 14 October 2012

New headbanner~!

Hi guys~!
Are you all doing well?
I'm so sorry for being so inactive with the blogging. D:

After my best friend went home to Japan, I've been so~ 
busy and caught up with university, my "nothing-exciting-is-happening-fml-i-wanna-go-travel-now"-period and being sick~ orzIIII #fail

It really saddens me how slow I've been at replying to all of your cute and loving comments lately.. ―(T_T)→ サクッ
Please don't think badly of me, I treasure your comments so much and I'm always so extremely excited when you write something!!! 

I'm finally back! 

and hopefully you will be able to enjoy new posts at least once a week and faster replies to all your comments! 
Up until now, my schedule has been shit, but I have finally figured out what weekdays that are ideal for me to be blogging in~(*≧▽≦)so excited!!!!

Right now I have a one-week vacation from uni, so I really want to take this opportunity to post a lot more. :D 

Also, I made a new headbanner for the blog today! ♡ I couldn't stand looking at the old one, and I thought that since it is now autumn, it REALLY needed to be changed. (I'm always in needed for changes when the autumn comes around >_> I'm weird, ok~ lol)


(Click to enlarge~)
. . . Heavely LizLisa inspired (TuT;;;)

It took me some time to make, but I'm really pleased with it!!! And it is now just the picture of myself that annoys me XD;;;;;;; lol 
But I'm just gonna wait a bit before exchanging it with a new one... 'cause I'm lazy like that~ (-ω- )

What do you think about it?? :D

 I really hope you like it! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ♡hugs



  1. glad you back ^^
    yes, banner looks cute ~

  2. wow, this header suits your blog so well. And you suit the banner even more ;-)


  3. thank you so much~!! (o>u<o)// <3 Haha glad you think so, cause I don't xD <3

  4. thank you so much! o´u`o <3 Haha glad you think so, cause I don't xD <3

  5. Thank you dear~! ^u^// <3 <3 


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