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Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Hair color + 'The Bunny Incident'

Yessss I got Lavender hair color now!! :D
..Is what I wanted to tell you;;;;;;

Well, I needed to bleach my hair to get that.. So when I had done that, some of my hair fell off.. I totally felt as if I was in a horror movie for some seconds there xD;;;
Anyhow, after my disasterous platinium-blonde episode at the hairdresser almost a year ago, and now this, I can just conclude that I am never going to bleach my hair. ever. orz  so sad

Oh well, I put the lavender color in and VOILÁ! It turned out baby pink instead!1 x'D So I dyed it one more time, and it became a really pretty.. Pastel pink-lavender-ish color :'D;;;;;

(the pink/lavender color on these pictures appears stronger than it really is irl >_<)

 ... Be aware of creepy-looking selca's, ok! T___T

My hair got so bleached, it kinda looks like I'm going bold behind my ears! XD 

. . . All in all, I'm really glad I colored it!!
(Now I just need to get long wavy wallet will be suffering (o;___;o) )

'The Bunny Incident'
Oh yes, the 'bunny incident'. Trust me, the titel sounds much more interesting –and maybe a bit more sad– than it actually is..

Now, you might wanna skip reading this if you're expecting some kind of amazing fairytale/story that will forever change your life XD

So, remember the last post I wrote?  U'know, the part about writing the next friday to tell you all about something 'funny' and 'cute'?
Well, that didn't go exactly as I had planned
Ok~ so I was supposed to buy a freaking cute and snuggly little bunny.

I had waited to get a bunny for months. And the week up to, I was so excited I had trouble sleeping.

Anyway, I had told my neighbor about getting a bunny the day before.. (Now, he knew that I had brought my hamster into my apartment from day 1 moved in here (1 1/2 year ago).. -I live at a college-complex.. thing, so it is pretty hard NOT to know when somebody has a pet.)

then, THEN! ON THE SAME DAY that I was supposed to go pick up the bunny (I was actually only seconds from getting into the car), the landlord comes out and tells me "Hey, how're you doing? Listen, I gotta tell you somethin'... I'm so sorry, but having a bunny in the apartment is not allowed."

. . . Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

*Cries and hides in a corner*

Ok, I know it is just me, being disappointed with the fact that I didn't know we wasn't allowed to hold pets, but still...
I have had an freaking hamster in my apartment for a over a year (he past away this spring T^T he became 3 years though <3 font="font">, and I know that more than one person knew about this. 

So question one: Why in the mother effin' sweet potato pie, didn't my neighbor say anything to me about it, when he obviously knew about?
(... Everytime I see him, I seriously wanna ask him this.. But, obviously enough, he keeps avoiding me after that episode.)

 I actually got so irritated, that every time I tried to write a blogpost about this 'bunny incident', I would just end up glaring evilly at the screen.  haha

But I was looking over my contract (yes, I am that desperate to get a fluffy roomie, ok haha), and I found a loop-hole!!!

So at the moment, I'm trying to get this so-called 'special permission' to get a pet! 

 Please wish me luck..... 

. . . I actually think this is the longest blog-post I've made so far.
Sorry for all the blabbering,  u guys  lol

I actually realized I haven't done many of those rich-texted and personal update, so I thought it might be fun to squeeze some more personal blogposts in for the future, maybe?? 

lol anyhow, I just hope u didn't got too bored reading through all of this lame 'bunny incident' thing xD;;;

But as always, thank you guys so much for reading!!!

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