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Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Hair color + 'The Bunny Incident'

Yessss I got Lavender hair color now!! :D
..Is what I wanted to tell you;;;;;;

Well, I needed to bleach my hair to get that.. So when I had done that, some of my hair fell off.. I totally felt as if I was in a horror movie for some seconds there xD;;;
Anyhow, after my disasterous platinium-blonde episode at the hairdresser almost a year ago, and now this, I can just conclude that I am never going to bleach my hair. ever. orz  so sad

Oh well, I put the lavender color in and VOILÁ! It turned out baby pink instead!1 x'D So I dyed it one more time, and it became a really pretty.. Pastel pink-lavender-ish color :'D;;;;;

(the pink/lavender color on these pictures appears stronger than it really is irl >_<)

 ... Be aware of creepy-looking selca's, ok! T___T

My hair got so bleached, it kinda looks like I'm going bold behind my ears! XD 

. . . All in all, I'm really glad I colored it!!
(Now I just need to get long wavy wallet will be suffering (o;___;o) )

'The Bunny Incident'
Oh yes, the 'bunny incident'. Trust me, the titel sounds much more interesting –and maybe a bit more sad– than it actually is..

Now, you might wanna skip reading this if you're expecting some kind of amazing fairytale/story that will forever change your life XD

So, remember the last post I wrote?  U'know, the part about writing the next friday to tell you all about something 'funny' and 'cute'?
Well, that didn't go exactly as I had planned
Ok~ so I was supposed to buy a freaking cute and snuggly little bunny.

I had waited to get a bunny for months. And the week up to, I was so excited I had trouble sleeping.

Anyway, I had told my neighbor about getting a bunny the day before.. (Now, he knew that I had brought my hamster into my apartment from day 1 moved in here (1 1/2 year ago).. -I live at a college-complex.. thing, so it is pretty hard NOT to know when somebody has a pet.)

then, THEN! ON THE SAME DAY that I was supposed to go pick up the bunny (I was actually only seconds from getting into the car), the landlord comes out and tells me "Hey, how're you doing? Listen, I gotta tell you somethin'... I'm so sorry, but having a bunny in the apartment is not allowed."

. . . Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

*Cries and hides in a corner*

Ok, I know it is just me, being disappointed with the fact that I didn't know we wasn't allowed to hold pets, but still...
I have had an freaking hamster in my apartment for a over a year (he past away this spring T^T he became 3 years though <3 font="font">, and I know that more than one person knew about this. 

So question one: Why in the mother effin' sweet potato pie, didn't my neighbor say anything to me about it, when he obviously knew about?
(... Everytime I see him, I seriously wanna ask him this.. But, obviously enough, he keeps avoiding me after that episode.)

 I actually got so irritated, that every time I tried to write a blogpost about this 'bunny incident', I would just end up glaring evilly at the screen.  haha

But I was looking over my contract (yes, I am that desperate to get a fluffy roomie, ok haha), and I found a loop-hole!!!

So at the moment, I'm trying to get this so-called 'special permission' to get a pet! 

 Please wish me luck..... 

. . . I actually think this is the longest blog-post I've made so far.
Sorry for all the blabbering,  u guys  lol

I actually realized I haven't done many of those rich-texted and personal update, so I thought it might be fun to squeeze some more personal blogposts in for the future, maybe?? 

lol anyhow, I just hope u didn't got too bored reading through all of this lame 'bunny incident' thing xD;;;

But as always, thank you guys so much for reading!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the bunny incident. :c That really sucks! Best of luck with your loophole though. ;D

    And I absolutely love your hair~ >u< The pinkish lavender is super pretty! Also, what lenses are you wearing in those selcas, if you don't mind sharing? >u<

  2. Omg your hair color looks AMAZING ! Love it ! ♥ I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow and I'm thinking of getting a dark ash blonde, hope it will look good ;_; And I live in a university dorm at the moment, I wanted to get an hamster too but I don't really know how to take care of it and if it's smelly so, I'm still gonna stay alone for a moment Orz

  3. Your hair looks so great!! I wanna do something fun with my hair as well.. feeling like the most boring person ever rn >>

    Sorry about the bunny, that sucks! :( Don't get why he had to tell the landlord.. it wouldn't have bothered him anyways? :/

  4. Awesome hair ^^ It suits you really well~ I tried dyeing ny hair lavendar before too bit it turned out pink haha. I'm never good with hair dyes :/
    Oh and your eye make up ♥ Sorry to hear about the bunny incident :( I had the same problem when I was living in a condo and they told us we couldn't keep our puppy -sob- I hope it works out for you~ ^-^

    1. Thank you so much♥ It is always a surprise to what color that else might pop out when dying it xD But pink is also such an yummy color (*o* !
      Aww that is so sad.. Omg I'm sorry to hear that...! )': It is so annoying when you have the space and the ability to take good care of a pet, and then they say no.. :/ Thank you! I really hope it will~~ but so far, it seems a little bit hopeless orzIIIII

  5. You are soo pretty! And I do love the hair colour!!! Sucks that bleached killed a bit of it ! xD

  6. omg i never thought lavender hair can look that lovely! i wanna dye my hair that color too! haha


  7. Jeg har selv boet i et kollegie (er faktisk lige flyttet ud idag) og der måtte vi heller ikke have kæledyr - lidt hårdt for sådan et hundemenneske som mig :/

    Nåmen' det faktisk første gang jeg kommentere her inde, jeg aner intet om asiatisk mode eller japansk for den sags skyld, men jeg synes det er spændende at læse om andre kulturer så derfor kigger jeg med her inde af og til :) (Når du skriver på engelsk vel og mærke, he)

  8. Nej, præcis! :/
    Men tusinde tak for dine søde ord! Jeg er rigtig glad for at høre, at du tager interesse i det jeg skriver og finder det spændende! :D Det sætter jeg stor pris på! <3

  9. Thank you so much~! I'm sure it would look awesome on you <3

  10. Thank you so much sweety ( i i ) <3 Haha yeah, it was kind of a blooper xD;;;;

  11. Thank you! ^^/ Haha I have to admit that I only know that feeling too well.. (That was the main reason for dying it like this xD;;;; www )

    No, exactly! It wasn't his business at all.. But he's like a psycho rule-controle freak and is like best buddies with the landlord, so I guess it couldn't be helped.. but really, he's such an weird fella for doing this D<

  12. Thank you so much sweetie~!! ♥ Happy you like it :DD

    Wah~~ I love ash blonde hair colors so much!! (T T *Jelly* I'm sure it will look absolutely stunning on you!!! ♥

    Oh, u r so lucky that you're allowed to have pets Q.Q♥
    About the smell, I can tell you from my own experience (I had my hamster for 2 1/2 years), that they don't smell at all. But if you're storing the hay and the flakes-thingies inside your apartment, it will smell quite a bit (of hay though) ^^;;

  13. Thank you~!! Haha, I will try my best xD But it looks pretty hopeless atm OTL ;;;
    Yay thank you, thank you! I'm glad you like it ^^/
    I don't mind sharing at all! These are G&G's Puffy 3-tone in Violet! ^u^♥


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