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Sunday, 20 January 2013

益若つばさinspired OOTD + The decision therapy

So, a very, very, very,very, (10 minutes later) very late merry christmas and Happy new year to you guys ! XD

As written in the previous post, I would be making a post about what I did in my 1 month of absents. Well, I wanted to make a glorious looking timeline with pictures but.. truth to be told, I had NO LIFE during Christmas. SO I only got a very few, very boring pictures.

 ALOT of stuff happened, I had to make some big decisions regarding my future, lots of unlucky stuff just kept on coming and I was feeling really down and so stressed out. 
So December was a very overwhelming month for me.

But I'm gonna write about it after the OOTD ;D 

Duck-poud ftw... OTL

If you're wondering how I could possibly grow my hair this long and so much lighter in such a short amount of time, don't worry, it is just a wig XD
(but oh my gawd, wouldn't it be super awesome if you could actually do something like that? *___* )

(from last week)
Oh yes there we have it ----The awkward V-sign
The Coord is inspired by one of Masuwaka Tsubasa's more natural outfits. I look so freaking sleepy in this photo.. #FAIL
(Btw, did you guys hear about her divorce? Do you have any particular thoughts about it?)

Sweatshirt - Gina Tricot
Leopard Pants - H&M
Shoes - Gina Tricot
Bag - Kui Hua
Hat - Catchup (Japan)

 Hairband - Gina Tricot
Necklace - H&M
Rings - H&M
Bracelets - Gina Tricot
Lol In case you're wondering, I do actually buy other stuff than 
Gina Tricot and H&M here in DK xD;;; 

The Makeup Close-up

'The Decision Therapy'

Oh yes, another over-dramatic title based on my life. 

If you are more to looking at pictures, you might wanna skip this part.. cause its gonna get rea~lly texty... or whatever its called xD;;;

So basically, this big decision that I had to make in December, was wether or not to quit studying Japanese at the University. And after app. +2383248376 hours of calculating (*cough* okay, maybe not THAT many hours. ) and countless conversations with parents, friends, myself (oh yes I'm that kind of person whom speaks to herself when no one is around, and very tired.. or just really bored..  I bet EVERYONE has in some point in their life been talking with themselves ok, I'm going way off topic now.. ahem..) I finally decided to quit the university. 

Okay to get this straight, I love Japan more than I could EVER put into words. And I tremendously love studying the language and culture!!
 But the job that I want to do in the future just doesn't match up with the jobs you can do with this education. 

"If you already knew that, then why applying for that university in the first place?" 
Since I have always loved Japan and I'm fast at learning languages, it always felt as if it was the obvious choice for me to do. That way of thinking also came from the countless of times, since I was little, where I tried to convince myself that having a job in visual arts is not realistic.

So I entered the 'Japanstudies' thinking that I had laid out the perfect plan: Go study Japanese at the Danish and Japanese University, then go studying to become an Art Director, and then I can go work in Japan. A +10 year study plan that would definitely kill me at some point.

As time went by I began to feel more and more distressed, 'cause I loved studying Japanese, no doubt, but it felt as if for every day that went by, I went one step ahead in another direction.
So as I began to talk with my parents about it, friends about it and so on,
I started to realize that what I really wanted to be, wasn't that unrealistic at all.
And together with my parents and supervisor, I started to make a more realistic plan.

So now I'm currently working on my portfolio for applying to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and in case that ain't happening, I'm also applying for another place to study Visual Arts
Oh, and I'm selling some of my artwork as well as taking in some orders too! So exciting!!!!!! 

But in my spare time, I'm still studying Japanese

Through this experience I definitely learned that it is perfectly normal to be going through this kind of phase. Many people don't know what exactly they want to be, they don't know what they're looking for, but they still take the chance and and when they realize it is not what they're searching for, well, then they're at least one step closer to know what they want.

So that sucked out all my energy in December. 
And all the unlucky things that kept happening? 
Well, my camera decided on its own that it was time for it to be leaving this world,  it broke. And because I had to pay the TV/Internet bills, money was pretty tight too. A pair of my fave shoes broke. GREAT. I also kind of realized that I have to put "The Edition" hold for a little while more...
And I got really sick New Years Eve, (luckily it was at my mom's place) so I was already sound asleep around 1 am. And apparently I'm jinxing it every time I set a certain date to when I'm going to publish a blogpost. 

. . . . If these unlucky events was a person, I'm pretty sure it would be a stalker, trying to chase me down saying,

And of course blogger decided to delete this whole post just as I was about to publish it, the draft included, so I had to spent another asdfghjkl hours writing all of this down, AGAIN. 
Everytime blogger does something like this I'm literally like this:

But now I just wanna say,

...Waah so much blabbering in one post..  lol 
Now I'm gonna make some delicious tea and go finish up some artwork*pumped*

Thank you all so much for reading...!
I hope you survived and it wasn't to heavy though ww


  1. omgf you look supe adroable ^W^ this wig looks super coooooool on you i would say!

  2. You are so gorgeous. That wig looks so natural!

  3. I'm sure that everything will turn out better, so keep strong, Sayamin-chan! ^w^ I wish you luck in your future - I had no idea you were an artist! Which is really cool - maybe I can see some of your art one day? ^^
    And Japanese really is such a dream - I hope that maybe you can also learn some more in your free time! I'm actually thinking of self-learning a language - Japanese being one of them! ^^
    Haha! At that How I Met Your Mother vid! That happened to me once, and I was like that the whole time when I was writing up the post again! ( - 3-)/

  4. Oh, your coord is so cute~! Really like your lenses.

    *sigh* I think a lot of us know that struggle because our parents want us to go to university as soon as possible so we end up picking the wrong decision. I often wonder if I did but it's too late to turn back for me T T). Good luck with your new path!

  5. How can you be so stressed and look so pretttyyyyyyy


  6. I also tagged you in the Liebster Award! ^^

  7. Aww...sorry you had such a tough month, but at least you looked very pretty lol! My best friend actually had a similar situation as this a few years back when we were in college. Here plans changed a lot from what she though she wanted to study, but in the end everything worked out and she's very happy with her life! Also, I hope you get into the Royal Academy (oohh, sounds so fancy)!!

  8. New follower here! :) I would just like to commend you on how you handled the tough month! Not a single sign of stress in that pretty face. I love your eyemeiku and coord! <3 Crossing fingers for you! I hope everything will work out! :)

  9. hope things get better for you honey! i love your outfit!

  10. You are the cutest wee thing ^w^, loving the wig and leopard pants,
    I'm an artist myself and I want to do something similar. It's great that you're following your dreams and I hope everything works out for you~

  11. Thank you so much~~!! ;____; <3 I hope your dreams will come true too~ ^u^// <3 <3

  12. Thank you so much darling~ (o^u^o// <3

  13. wah~ Thank you so much!! <3 It really means a lot to me ;___; <3 <3 lol I'm happy you think so, 'cause it was just one of the few days I felt like I had enough energy to doll up.. xD;; (my jerseys = my life when I'm stressed and I am looking like a ghost with huge dark circles under my eyes.. xD )
    Btw, I loove your blog!! I have been reading it for quite some time now~~ <3 :D

  14. Haha thank you so much sweetie~!! <3 <3 Yeah, I guess it is a road that many people ends up encounting~ :) I'm glad to hear that your friend is happy with what she does now! :D haha it makes me have a bit of hope~!
    Yesh, the Royal Academy sounds fancy, but just as fancy it sounds, it is really hard to get in... T___T *cries*

  15. Thank you so much sweetie! :D <3 haha that is just one day out of 133456789 days XD;;;

  16. Thank you so, so much, Jun~! <3
    Yeah, it is not always easy to make such a big decision about one own's future.. Especially not if it feels like you're in a haste ( ´__` )

  17. Thank you so much honey, you are so sweet! <3 your comment totally made my day!!! ;___; <3
    I am actually in the middle of making an international website for my art (but it is getting built at a slow pace since it isn't one of the top priorities atm.), and so I will upload my artwork there! But I'm thinking about posting a few of them on this blog too ^u^//
    Yes exactly! Blogger can really be an... well, you know xD lol I can't stop swearing at my computer when it happens either xD;;;;;;

  18. Uoh~! Thank you so much :O <3 I will get right to it as soon as I have the time!! ^0^)/ <3

  19. Thank you so much! <3 <3 yeah, because of that, I'm getting way too wig-addicted T_T)

  20. Thank you so much dear~~!! <3 <3


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