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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sponsered Review: Princess Mimi in Chocolate

Waah it has been too long since the last update~!
I'm such a bad blogger, I know T_T *cries*. 
I've been so stressed out throughout December, I can't even remember half of the stuff I've done.. u_u;;; zzZ

Unlucky things just kept on coming, one of them being that my camera broke 
and I also got to  spent New Years Eve with mr.Influenza & mrs.everytime-you-eat-delicious-nomz-you-will-be-tortured... OTL IIIII it sucked so bad.

But I will talk about what I've been up to since my 1 month of absent in the next post~
I'm also really excited to hear how you guys' Christmas & New Years Eve went!!!
I really hope you all had an awesome time of your life!♥♥

But thank you and a big hug to all of you wonderful readers, for still sticking around and bearing with me~!  And also a big hug to all the new readers~!
I really couldn't wish for more (T T)♥ / too happy /

But until then, let's focus on thissss *points to picture below*

Loveshoppingholics was so sweet to sponsor the Mimi Princess circle lens in Chocolate Brown for me to review~!

Introduction to the 
Princess Mimi series

The ''Princess Mimi'' series, also known as the "Bambi series" in Japan, is produced/designed by the famous model, fashion director and singer, 益若つばさ(Masuwaka Tsubasa) under the 'GEO Medical' brand and 'AngelColor' in Japan.

This series consists of 5 different lenses whereas 3 of them has the same design (a graduation color with a thick, black limbal ring) and 1 with a more natural design.

Masuwaka Tsubasa has produced this series so that it would be an easy fit for everyone wearing them; From beginners to those whom are used to wearing circle lenses.

Worried about what lens would be the best match for you?
This is the main design concept for each lenses in this series:
(Got the information, which I've translated, from AngelColor's official homepage)

The CloseUp 

The 'Window Light' eye-picture is to show how it looks with a more natural-ish eyemake.

Design, Color & Effect:
This is the FIRST tri-colored lens I have EVER loved!!
They make you look less derpy in pictures than any other tri-colored lenses, imo! And the graduation color, beautifully brightens up your eyes!
That aside, the lens's colors can seem pretty vivid on certain eye-colors, so it definitely looks best with a more heavy styled makeup (aka. not suited for natural ulzzang-inspired looks).

The black limbal ring is pretty thick and has the "flower effect, which can be very animalistic-looking up-close. 

When I had the Sesame Grey, I found it too animalistic looking for my liking, even from afar, so I never really liked to wear it outside. So compared to that lens, the Chocolate Brown looks more natural to me. I'm now using it every time I'm wearing gyaru-inspired eyemake!

Huge and Lovin' it! 
The enlargement is one of the things I love the most about these lenses.
Together with the design, it really gives you the big dolly-eye effect, but without making you look like an Alien.

Being a 15.0mm lens, your eyes are bound to dry out faster than smaller lenses. 
That to be said, compared to other lenses in the same size-catagory, they're sooooooo comfortable! 

Up until now, I've not felt any discomfort while wearing them, but my eyes do feel a bit tired (after app.5 hours) from wearing them afterwards.

Even though I prefer more natural looking lenses, the effect that these lenses gives off, are just so awesome that they've now become one of my absolute favorites~!

I would definitely recommend these for you if you want something with a unique design that doesn't look too unnatural and is still dolly-looking!  

BUT because of the strong design, if you're a total beginner to circlelenses and have dark colored eyes like me, you might want to start out with something 'softer' (more natural), so you won't get too startled because of the sudden change in eye colors xD;;; 

Interested in the lenses?

You can get them HERE ~


I hope you guys all enjoyed the review or found it somewhat useful!

I will now go to bed~! /Already half-sleeping here/ zzZ

this took me forever to edit and it is almost 3 in the morning, so my brain and leh body feels like spaghetti.. wwww;;;; 

Tomorrow I will be able to answer all of the comments I've gotten throughout last month!!!

I will begin on editing the new blogpost that I talked about before.
But I won't promise that I will be able to upload it tomorrow though #Cries 

I'm too afraid to promise any certain dates after last month (and a couple of times before that).. I think I'm jinxing it everytime I tell .____. so sad....

Aaaand now when that has been said-------

Goodnight everyone~!


  1. Your hard efforts with the photoshop have paid off.

    So cute, I want the "smiling picture" in hi res for my background :P

    Im slowly expanding my non existing knowledge about circle

    THANKS for the illuminating !



  2. These look so cute on you! I sort of want to pick these up. They seem to blend really nicely with you natural eye color.

  3. Thank you so much~! ♥ You should try them out! Since the lens is not fully colored, I believe it will blend very nicely on almost every eye color. :)

  4. Thanks buddy~! I guess PS had made it into a hobby to torture me while designing the pictures T__T;

    Haha, I don't mind if you actually do that, but be aware that the possibility of getting nightmares from it is huge >D *semi-evil laughter*

    YOU ARE welcome. xD ww

  5. darling why are soo cute?glad you came back!

  6. Lovely lenses! :)

    Aw the gif is adorable!!

  7. I have this exact pair and it's absolutely my most favorite! Very natural and pretty


  8. Great review, totally following! <3


  9. those lens look perfect on you and i LOVE your eye makeup <3


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