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Saturday, 9 March 2013

i.Fairy Super Crystal Brown | CircleLens Review |

This circle lens review 
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Color, Pattern & Effect

This is the lens that makes your eyes shine and sparkle like crystals~!

It has the exact same color as the brown in my eyes, so it is a really vibrant hazel colored lens

Due to the Super Crystal series not having a thick limbal ring, the design comes off as a much more natural designed lens, and will therefore be perfect for Ulzzang- and Mode-styled eye makeup.

The lens does exactly as described;
Its design transforms your eyes and gives you this cute teary-eyed look that looks like crystals~!


This lens is 16.2mm, so it is absolutely perfect if you want to have big dolly-looking eyes. 
Even though I have a big iris, it still manages to give off a nice halo effect
(halo effect is when the white on your eyes are shining through the circle lens)


These lenses are definitely not the most comfortable ones I have owned. despite the water content being higher than your typical lens, it dries out pretty quickly, which is pretty sad, because the stunning design makes me want to wear it the whole day out.. 
I would not recommend anyone to wear this lens for more than 4 hours WITHOUT eyedrops. 

Over all

Amazing pattern and amazing enlargement! 
I am a little disappointed with the missing comfort with this lens, but its pattern and effect kinda makes it up for me.
It is definitely worth a try if you want eyes that shines like crystals~!

//You can either click or Right-click on the pictures to view them in  full-scale.//

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  1. Wow the design is so pretty! It does live up to it's name 'crystal', no doubt about that. And you look mad cute with it. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, the color is so pretty! >u<

  3. These look so pretty!! I got the same ones in Green.. it makes my eyes look crazy like a monster haha! Wish i got them in brown though~ you're so pretty

  4. The color is really nice! You look so cute and doll like!

  5. i love the color!! it's so light i love them! your hair looks cute too!! *_*

  6. Thank you so much~!! ;___; <3

  7. waah thank you so much~ >u< <3

  8. haha yeah me too! I thought I looked like a freak the very first time I wore them, but they totally grew on me XD <3
    You should! You are so adorable, I think they would suit you alot!

  9. Ikr, I am seriously in love with the color~! haha


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