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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Photo diary of Feb~Mar + 'The Internet failure'

Aloha to all of you awesome and wonderful readers!! 
How are you all doing?
As you might've already guessed,  I am finally back after a small break T___T

Yeah.. so where to start? 

Besides being incredibly busy and therefore have almost no social life whatsoever
since, like, forever, something incredibly stupid happened!

Due to the story being seriously lame that your mind might put its self to sleep by reading it,  I will be uploading some photos in between, as a mini photo-diary while I've been absent (o^u^o)//
(. . . I didn't really have  a life *cough* time to take a lot of pictures so it might just be incredibly boring pictures of myself or something pretty random. xD;;;  lol

...Picture taken some days ago~!
I was inspired by one of jungsaemmool's ( she's korean celebrity make up artist)  Youtube videos called:

"발렌타인 초콜렛 메이크업 Flowers and Chocolate for valentine"

 I decided to put in circle lenses for the look though (Big grang grang brown series).

'The Internet Failure'

so I had to cancel my internet service provider (ISP), because it was way too expensive for me.

Then I was so stupid to actually forget about the cancelation and to order from a new ISP. 

Then, guess this, I realized it the day before my net was getting cut off.

. . .

*deep silence*

I know~ you're  probably thinking:

And to tell you the truth, 

I don't know either xD;;;;

I really want to blame it on me being stressed, 
but I guess it was just me, being an momentary airhead. ;;;;

 So~ I lived 2-3 weeks with no internet... 
Couldn't even contact ppl through Kakaotalk nor LINE on my phone... great. 

Now, one would think it would aaaaall be perfect as soon as the new internet came, 

but hell noo~~~
such luxury wasn't meant for me, of course. 

So I had to order from yet another ISP company.

I then lived for over a month with the shittiest internet EVER

I could barely go check my mail ( btw thank God for Gmail's simple HTML-settings) and I couldn't even use the net on my phone... hnng...

So after a lot of:


with a bit of:

I then finally received the new internet stuff, and the company opened for the connection to their internet the day before yesterday. 

Did it work? 


So now I have to wait for the company's technic-dude to arrive, tomorrow at 7:30 AM... 

I mean, seriously, WHY. 
Just WHY am I this unlucky with this sucky internet..

At least I have some more-or-less tolerable internet connection atm. *indescribably grateful *

So FINALLY I can post something on the blog!
But I can't upload any heavy pictures though.. And LINE & Kakaotalk still doesn't work on my phone..

....This just confirms how freakishly much power the internet has over me.

so sad.


so while I couldn't post anything as I didn't have zeh internetz, 
I decided to edit my ABOUT page~! 
(.. it looked so messy before, 
I'm surprised if anyone read it without looking like a question sign afterwards ).

I won't upload the introduction picture here, but you can see it on the ABOUT page! :D


I have also changed my Read Me and Disclaimer pictures, ('cause it looked pretty stupid that I asked people not to take anything from why blog when I myself was using Tsubasa on the picture XD  haha)
Unfortunately I didn't have the drawing board with me, so it looks extremely uneven.. but I think it is useable for now.

Feb. 9th I became 21 y.o. and so I invited my dad, his girlfriend, his girlfriend's son, my half-sister, my brother and my grandmother over for brunch at my tiny hobbit-sized apartment~!

Unfortunately, my mom lives on another island and wasn't able to make it, so I held my b-day with her at her place together with her boyfriend, his kids and with some old friends of my mother and father. o^u^o

I didn't have enough same-looking plates, so it looks pretty... random xD;;; ww

Very busy drawing~~*

I also made my own gel nails last week~

Yesterday, I re-bleached the inner part of my hair so that I could get rid of the smokey pastel colors and instead make bright pastel colors! 

And then tried to make ombre hair with baby pink x pastel violet colors.

I used Directions Carnation Pink & Lilac together with conditioner to make the colors a bit more lighter.

Hurray for crappy quality pic x No make up xD;;;; I will make sure to show you some better pictures of it as soon as the new internet is up!!

Went to my dads place (in the beginning of February xD;; ), 
to borrow his super sweet Nikon camera so that I could take some good pictures for a new upcoming circle lens review.. 

and omg, I fell in love with the camera.. 
It really made my own camera look like chicken poop soup( ;___; )

And then I edited all the pictures~! 
So here you go, a little teaser-picture for the upcoming review~

I think I've been writing about too much negative stuff lately.. XD;; *random thought*
So to keep this healthy, I will be focusing more on writing about positive stuff that has happened when I'm blogging about my everyday-life.. ^^;;; ehehe

.............. I seriously never thought I would ever make a post about sucky internet connection.

I feel pretty bad that I don't really have anything better to write about (since I didn't have a life*cough* can't seem to upload any of the pictures meant for the future blogpost before tomorrow.... )..


I really hope you will 
look forward to the upcoming posts!  

You guys take care
Love you all~!

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  1. Aww, sorry to hear about all of your internet problems! I know how you feel though. I had to live without internet for almost 2 weeks once, and it was tough! Hope things work out when the tech guy comes!


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