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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

STAY BERRY: Gradient Lip Tutorial

Hey Lovelies~♡ °・
I am back with a 3-step, extremely easy, gradient lip tutorial~!♡꒰*・ω・人・ω・*꒱♡

There's no doubt that gradiant lips has become very popular in Asia throughout last year. 
It is especially the Ulzzang girls in Korea who's 
known to be making their lips like this.(人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・

I hope you will like the tutorial, and find it somewhat useful


Please excuse my crappy face, 
I was having a fever and sore throat while taking these pictures, 
so I look pretty sick in them... OTL

 I will do my best to make the next one awesome! 

Product in Use:
RIMMEL LONDON Stay Very Berry, 1000 Kisses.

Korea is probably the ultimate mekka of lip tints (and of course, many other things too).
But when the RIMMEL LONDON lip tint came out here in Denmark, I couldn't help myself; I just had to try it out.
I still prefer the lip tints from Korea over this one, but it is definitely a nice alternative and easy to get your hands on.

About this tutorial

STAY BERRY (inspired by Rimmel london's lip tint, Stay Very Berry) will be a series 
of different lips tutorials that I will be making
And this is this is the very first one~!

You guys take care, ok
Love you all~!


  1. Yes think so too~ and it suits absolutely anyone! ^^

  2. I love gradient lips! :'D It's so cute~ >u<
    Thanks for the tutorial! :'D

  3. Beautiful!! i love it :) gotta try this asap

  4. You are so welcome~ I'm glad you like it <3

  5. Thank you so much sweetie! <3

  6. Cute tutorial! I love gradient lips! The only problem is I need to wait for the stain to dry before applying gloss, or it'll contaminate the gloss and make it pinkish lol D:

  7. Thank you so much sweetie(^ ^//
    Yes, I have had the same problem with some of my other lip tints too! :O
    But the one from Rimmel London dries super fast since the applicator is a 'pen-type' (it looks like crayons XD ) -so I would definately recommend for you to that one out~. :) <3

  8. Smukt look! Hvor længe holder de der Rimmel 1000 kisses nogen? ^^ Jeg elsker din blog (meeeen det ved du også godt!)

  9. Tusind tak søde ^^// <3 De holder ok. Så længe du ikke skal til det helt store ædegilde, så er den ok XD haha. Buuuut, den er ikke lige så holdbar som tonymoly's og andre koreanske lip tints. Men den er helt klart et godt alternativ. :)

  10. Thank you so, so much (o^ ^o) <3


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