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Friday, 3 May 2013

花見2013: Copenhagen Sakura Festival

Hi lovelies!

Are you enjoying the spring weather?

It seems as if it has been winter FOREVER here in Denmark, so the warmer weather makes me so hyper! and happy~ XD

Last Saturday I went to the Copenhagen Sakura Festival~
(Basically it is 'Hanami'/花見 but in a small park with some planted sakura trees, a stage where Japanese dancers performs and with a lot of small shops on the site of the park where you can buy books, delicious food and noms, sake etc.).
Unfortunately, since the danish weather has been extremely cold for a veeeeeeeeeery long time, there were no beautiful cherry blossoms that had bloomed :( so sad... 

But the weather was somewhat warm, 
so that made up for it...kinda... well... maybe not really... 

Anyway, *coughs*

I went with my super cute friend, Silke, 
and later on we got kidnapped by adorable Saya and hung out with her~! 

I guess when you are at a fun event with a friend(s), camwhoring comes as a natural thing to do.. xD;;

So here you go, a small collection of pictures we took from the event
(yeah, most pictures are just of our faces.......... XD;;;;;;;;; )

With cutie Silke~! 
Seriously, she has the prettiest eyes EVER
She's like a cute Bambi

Sayuri sake... Best sake EVER.

haha I got so happy looking at the bottle (seriously guys, it is baby pink ok! With sakura flowers in pink AND GOLD! -What is not to love?lol)

..... Aaaaaaand down it goes~

Oh yes, I had to document everything OTL
 haha even with the Sakura Mochi.. XD

Then we got kidnapped by adorable Saya~!

So cute

Even though I felt sad for not being able to see the cherry blossoms, 
It was so much fun!!
*explodes into unicorns and rainbows due to too much excitement*

Have you guys been able to see the cherry blossoms this year?

That's it for now guys~! Take care,
Luv u all


  1. You are just so crazy pretty! (*__*) Too bad that the cherry trees weren't blooming ;_; But soon! The trees are fiiiinally starting to bloom a little here in Lund.. I'm so sick of the swedish weather >_>


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