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Friday, 21 June 2013

Girlish Cat | Ulzzang Makeup tutorial |

 Hello you beautiful people~
I am back with a Ulzzang inspired makeup tutorial~!ヾ(●´∀`人´∀`●)

On a daily basis, I am not very fond of wearing heavy makeup. 
So I usually save the Gyaru-look for special occasions or when I have enough time on my hands.

Therefore, I usually like to wear Ulzzang inspired makeup on the busy days and also as a casual everyday-look.

When it comes to the ulzzang's makeup, the general focus is always on simplicity, cute eyes, clean and dewy looking skin. 
Which is basically everything that I love in a look! (*^v^*)b

This tutorial will show you how to achieve bigger-looking eyes, but without the use of tons of eyeshadow, false eyelashes, etc.
I also wanted to make a ulzzang-inspired tutorial, that would have a mix of being girly, but still be a bit sexy by using the cat-eye eyeliner effect~!

I really hope you guys will like it~v(*´>ω<`*)v

You can also add any lip color that you want.
I used a pink coral lipstick and lipgloss for this look~

The finished look:


This is probably going to be one of my last picture-tutorials, as I'm going to 
start making tutorials as Youtube videos instead!!

I am so freakeshly excited for this, 
and I really, really, really hope it will turn out good! (*゚∀゚人゚∀゚*)
I am quite a bit nervous for the editing though, but I got some friends that I have hijacked to come help me with it.ヾ(・ω・`;))ノ keke

If you have any video requests, please tell me! (^u^pp )
I don't have a certain date for when I will release my first video, but I do know it will be in July!!
You can already now subscribe to my channel here:

Ok, that is it for now!₍₍ ◝(  ・ω・  )◟ ⁾⁾♡
Stay beautiful, u guise ♥ 

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