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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Celebrating a New Start

I really can't fathom it's has already been 1 year  since I last blogged. Crazy!

I have really missed blogging and you guys so much!
The reasons as to why I haven't blogged till now are many, but let me just sum it up for you:

All-in-all 2013 had generally been a crappy year for me.

I kept wanting to go back to blogging, but as soon as I started planning the different posts and photoshoots, something came up, and I had to realize that no matter how much I wanted it, blogging couldn't realistically be a top-priority for me for some time.

Crazily enough though,
after 2014 began, so many good things have happened.

As of now, my everyday life has finally slowed down and I can *FINALLY* start concentrating on the small things.
(of course as a fashion student, you will ALWAYS be dealing with extremely busy and sometimes stressful events, but it is more than manageable atm),

and the desire to blog also came back a x1000 times more than before.

And now that everything my life lol seems to be back in order again,
 I can finally start anew with blogging.

So to celebrate a new start on the blogging,
I started out changing the whole look for the blog!
What do you think?!
It actually ended up a lot more princess-ish than I had in mind xD  haha

But nevertheless I find it a lot more refreshing to look at than the old one with the smokey pinks and brown colors?

I can't thank you guys enough for staying put and wait for me to come back to 'life'!
I am on to a new mission to improve me and this blog as much as possible, and I want it to be a 'world' for you guys to indulge in beauty, fashion and lifestyle stuff -dedicated to all you guys of course.
 Please look forward to lots of more interesting blog posts from now on!!!

A thousand of kisses and hugs to you all~

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